Well the snow is thawing and Spring is here.

And although I wish I could tell you that Russia is lovely in the Spring..

For the beginning of this season it’s just the opposite.

Because right now it’s actually a dirty, muddy and mucky affair.

Walking around town is like trying to navigate a maze filled with mud traps, oil slicks and slushy pools of black water.

For example you need to be constantly vigilant of the cars which pass by you on the streets.. Get to close to them and in an instant you will badly need a trip to the car wash like they do.

To make matters worse there are no run-off gutters or drainage systems so the black and oily water just sloshes back and forth in the streets as the traffic moves and the cold breeze blows.

Now if this wasn’t treacherous enough there are still plenty of places where the solid sheets of ice haven’t completely melted so you are forced to walk on extremely slippery patches that could easily put you on your posterior in a second. This is often the time when the most accidents happen and unfortunately it’s usually the older folks who suffer the most from this.

So just when you are about to think that any sane human being would wear serious water proof hiking boots in these conditions..

You look around and see legions of Russian Women somehow managing to traverse all of this with their delicate walks in fashionable high heel boots.

While it’s a total given that my own shoes will always get dirty in such conditions for some strange reason the footwear on these ladies always appear to be spotless.

As you watch the weather changing you will also see the beautiful fashions change too.

So along with the new colors schemes that these Ladies start to wear also comes newly bright and optimistic expressions on their faces.

The changes you see with these Women in the Spring Time are nothing short of dramatic.

Because I’m sure that you will never witness a more positive shift in feminine energy if you ever get the pleasure of seeing this phenomena for yourself.

When I see these emotions at work the first words that come to my mind are…

Playful & Cheerful.

And because of this I have often asked myself just how a seasonal warming trend in the Earth’s atmosphere could possibly bring about such big changes in the attitude of these Ladies.

So many times I have seen them glancing skyward with a wispy smile and a dreamy expression and just wondered at it all.

So when I’ve asked some of my female acquaintances to tell me what their thoughts about the Spring are…

Their discussion always seems to revolve around finding a crazy little thing called..


There is a glimmer in their eyes and a noticeable sigh in their breath as they think and ponder this..

And then they verbally confess about their hopes for a “Real Man” who will soon approach them..

Or in the more subdued but nevertheless impactful way that these Ladies say it..

Spring is the time when a Man should want to make an acquaintance with us and openly show his intentions.

Now does it need to get any clearer then that???

Because I imagine that if these girls ever got around to posting a personal ad in the newspaper I’m sure that the most important condition listed would be..

Shy Guys Need Not Apply.

So to me what all of this means is quite simple and clear.

Mating Season Gentlemen.. is here.

And there are countless Girls jockeying for a chance to be at the Starting Gate of Love.

So when I think about these many Incredible Ladies that are in waiting..

I can’t help but want to ask a personal question to all of you Men out there..

What are you going to do about it?

Because as the days grow..

Their wish for romance grows too.

And as the temperature rises..

So to does their dreams for passion.