While I’m happy with most of the photos on this blog..

Sometimes the 2nd time around just seems to say so much more.

You see when I the Creator first started designing this platform my initial thought rested on the assumption that I would only post a single visual instance for each Lady.

At the time my mind was pre-programmed with an existing constraint which asserted that this method was the optimal procedure for illustrating some of the beautiful physical diversity that exists within the super-construct known as Siberia.

But then as I was re-indexing my legacy image libraries a new cognitive pattern started to arise from the seemingly chaotic fractals before me.

Sophisticated repeating patterns which designated that every female construct I’ve interfaced with clearly has her own inner expression of infinite diversity.

Almost like a bio-sensory simulation device that can be instantly loaded with any combination of virtual reality streams..

All made up of an inner mosaic of energy, light, consciousness, and XX based genetic instructions which seems to get excited into a totally unknown quantum state when you are in their presence.

Or in other words…

You guys wouldn’t mind if I show more photos of some previous ladies would you?

Well Good..

I’d thought you’d agree.

Matrix Reloaded Anyone?