April 2007

I have a friend who has been living and doing business in Moscow for the last 4 years who I talk with on a semi-regular basis.

Let’s call him Matt.

Matt is successful, smart, street wise and highly connected with different business leaders both in Russia and in the US.

Matt is the kind of Man with whom you’d easily expect to have a killer girlfriend by his side at all times given the nice little existence he’s made out for himself.

However in this particular example that ain’t the case.

And it’s not because Matt by any means is incapable of getting a lovely lady in the first place..

It’s simply because he absolutely REFUSES to date girls in Moscow.

And instead he wants me to help him find someone in Siberia..


Well the Pleasant Part of Spring has finally begun.

The part where there is no more mud or sludge on the ground to worry about.

This is one of those few times in the year where the weather is just right.. not to many mosquitoes or flies swirling around and only the occasional dust cloud that blows into you with the wind.

But in general conditions are good enough for you to walk around with any short sleeve shirt and a light jacket.

And it is because of this that I would officially call this the start of..

The Walking Season..

There’s a real collective instinct to this especially when you live in Siberia.

The countless Women who have undoubtedly been couped up in their homes, schools and offices for the last 6 months have a real emotional connection to the Spring and the easiest way for them to express and celebrate this is just to simply go walking..

And I’m not talking about little itty-bitty strolls here either..

I’m talking about frequent and seriously long walks all over the place.

And in tight skirts and high heels too..


I think you Guys maybe right.

Even if there are more available Women on the US East Coast I’m sure there are other obstacles to contend with in relation to finding someone you can be more attracted to.

I saw this Graph and decided that it was worth posting for you to ponder over as well.


Now I know that there is no data here separating Men from Women so I’ll just assume that the split is roughly equal.

But obviously I think we are on to something “BIG” If 30 percent of the US population has a Body Mass Index greater then 30 which by the way is considered to be in the Obese Category by the American National Institute of Health.

Keep in mind that this is probably only the tip of the proverbial iceberg since an Index between 25 to 29.9 is also considered overweight. And in case your wondering.. a normal weight range is classified between 18.5 to 24.9.

So aside from all of these numbers..

Are you starting to get the picture in terms of what seems to be a “growing” problem in the Good Ol’ US of A?

You will notice that Russia IS NOT listed on this graph.

Maybe it’s because there’s no figures available.

Or maybe it’s because the slim figures that I see walking around everyday is actually the norm.

In anycase I’ll let you Gentlemen be the judge..

So sound off on what you’ve seen especially if you’ve been to Russia and can make the comparison.

Although I didn’t have accurate figures like what you see below I always knew that something was very wrong with the Female situation in California and especially in Silicon Valley.

Well now I have solid proof.

In any-case I’d be real interested in getting feedback on where some of you Gentlemen live according to this Map.

Would you consider moving to the East Coast, Chicago or Detroit as a decent option given the greater numbers of Women there?

Anyways let me know what you think.

Cheers, GL


Well I bumped into our lovely Natasha again who I talked about in the previous post.

Unfortunately she wasn’t so happy this time around as she approached me for some advice.

“The US Embassy turned down my application for a 2nd Visa to the States.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that Natasha.. What was their reason?”

“It’s my last year at the University and they only let 2nd and 3rd year students in.”

She looked at me with saddened eyes and asked.

“What do I do now?”

“I don’t know Natasha.. I don’t know..”

As the weight of this serious restriction against her future sank in..

I remembered reading the latest news about the US Government’s latest push towards granting more “Amnesty” towards millions of illegal aliens from Mexico.

By some estimates 12 to 30 million have illegally entered the US within the last 30 years. And in addition to that there is a proposed guest worker program that will allow them to work for up to 3 years legally which is ultimately just a transition phase for them to get a green card down the road.


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