I have a friend who has been living and doing business in Moscow for the last 4 years who I talk with on a semi-regular basis.

Let’s call him Matt.

Matt is successful, smart, street wise and highly connected with different business leaders both in Russia and in the US.

Matt is the kind of Man with whom you’d easily expect to have a killer girlfriend by his side at all times given the nice little existence he’s made out for himself.

However in this particular example that ain’t the case.

And it’s not because Matt by any means is incapable of getting a lovely lady in the first place..

It’s simply because he absolutely REFUSES to date girls in Moscow.

And instead he wants me to help him find someone in Siberia..

He has repeatedly stated that his town is way too jaded for any serious relationship hunting.

According to him it’s because the number of trailing zeros of your bank statement and not your stellar character is what matters to any of the girls who are even considered to be semi-desirable there.

He continued on…

“You know it’s really sad because even the small town girls from the rest of the country who come to Moscow for work seem to automatically sign up to join a wolf pack in order to go hunting for the rich guys..”

And in the case of one of Matt’s other Moscow friends with whom I’ll just call Patrick..

The type of female attention he also received didn’t involve any innocent coy “come hither” looks or any shy conversations with an exchange of mobile numbers at the end.

In Patrick’s case it was simply the let’s “have fun” and get drunk kind of evening with several party girls.

This was quickly followed by a first night romp in the sack with one of them who ended up being a predatory creature who must have sensed the size of his wallet like a leopard following the scent of a wounded zebra somewhere in the Sarangetti.

Well at the time how was Patrick to know?

Here was an attractive girl who performed various “activities” on him that would cause his brain to jump out of his skull on a nightly basis.

And while his big brain was repeatedly taking a little sea-man’s pleasure cruise ..

Patrick’s little brain was the only one left standing in to skipper the ship through treacherous waters filled with hidden hazards.

Someone please call James Cameron for me..

I have a wonderful plot idea based on a true story for Titanic 2

So if we were to fast forward through most of this all too common tale and if you are the kind of person who doesn’t mind reading the plot spoilers at the end then here it is.

Patrick is now a father to an un-planned child and a husband to a very un-diplomatic woman..

Oh yeah.. and she “convinced” him to relocate their “new family” back to a new house in the States with various promises of better behavior on her part and a “happy life” together.

Well Matt and I both agree that we probably won’t be hearing anything from poor Patrick for a long time especially since he’s firmly on American Feminist ruled soil and is essentially held hostage by a woman who can now easily take half of his assets and maybe much more in a heartbeat.

Now keep in mind that I have personally meet Patrick when he and Matt came out to Siberia several years ago for a visit.

Pat was a nice enough Gentleman and I personally liked the guy but I also noticed that he carried a certain brash “I’m coming to Russia to Conquer” type of vibe that I have witnessed with more then a few newly arrived foreign business men.

Guys like this typically have an instinct to loosely throw money around in the presence of Girls out of some conditioned desire to show status and to impress.

Well Patrick must have “impressed” a different type of “Lady” alright..

I imagine that he must have impressed a bunch of Great Whites cruising in the vicinity by throwing bloody chunks of chum in the water..

And then deciding to jump in because he thought he was going to play with the Dolphins instead..

In anycase.. I don’t think Patrick is even remotely thinking about “Conquering” Russia anymore.

I think that’s kinda hard to do especially when you suddenly wake up and realize that you are a slave instead..

Matt was listening to my assessment on all of this and just agreed..

He started to recall one his own little encounters with a party girl who he initially thought was totally straight laced.

He initially thought this because the “lady” was a potential business partner with whom he had just mingled with at foreign business conference and at an after hours social in Moscow.

He and this woman along with another one of her girlfriends who was the designated driver decided to continue their socializing at some other venue.

Matt and this woman were in the backseat when in no uncertain terms an offer was given by her to perform fellatio on him right then and there.

Now in all honesty any Man in this fantasy type of situation might have to seriously consider their choices given the circumstance..

Matt was no different in his thought process but he somehow managed to turn her down.

First off because he’s not an exhibitionist and didn’t need to expose any lack of self-control to two new women in a car.

Second.. this was not any way to conduct legitimate business.

Third.. given some of the crazy stuff that happens in Moscow all the time this very well may have been a dangerous setup.

And Fourth.. because he kept Patrick in mind and realized where this woman was “headed” and what she ultimately wanted from him.

Matt was certainly surprised by this incident..

And he finished off his conversation with me by recalling how he used to remember when a place like Las Vegas was commonly referred to as Sin City..

He just gave out a disbelieving laugh and said..

“Man that place has NOTHING on this town…”