Well Comrades..

Today is the International Day of Workers, Communists, Socialists and all other assortment of American Liberals and Democrats.

Even as the Dems do their best to try to create a “Peoples Republic of America” the local Communist Party Guys haven’t had much to celebrate about for the last 15 years or so.. But they still try their best to get the old folks who were brought up in that system riled up and bussed around to the various statues of Lenin that are still up in town.

I got a chance to see all of this last year when I stumbled into a crowd of Red Flags with the old hammer sickle symbols on them. Good thing I wasn’t exactly carrying Old Glory with me since that probably would not have been welcomed at that particular moment.

The truth is most people really don’t pay too much attention to this day even though it’s still a national holiday. What they are really doing is saving up all of their partying energy for May 9th which is Russia’s National Day. This is a much bigger day and they also have much bigger fireworks too.

In anycase I also skipped out on today’s festivities and decided instead to post up something that we all could probably relate to so much more.. 😉