In case you haven’t guessed it already I’ve been spending more quality time with my princess during these long and gentle summer days.

Good weather like this is certainly a precious commodity in this part of the world and long walks hand in hand through city streets or forest pathways with your loved one is what life’s memories are made of.

Our new Siberian resident from Canada who I’ve been working with is ecstatic to be here.

He’s gone through an interesting growth curve of shedding his pre-existing cautions due to a lifetime of exposure to the jaded women (as he puts it) he’s been exposed to in the west. In many ways he feels like he is in paradise as far as women are concerned and hasn’t felt any pressure to rush into anything which is great.

He’s done a great job of listening and watching at the new dance hall before he decides to join in.

His biggest amazement so far?

That dating and courtships here are the way they are supposed to be.

Traditional, Meaningful and Sincere.

In the meantime I’ve managed to snap a few photos of some ladies.

I am planning on getting a better camera to do this with soon (instead of a very slow and zoom-less camera phone) and when that happens we should have a nice wider collection of beauty to admire and behold.