July 2007

Sometimes I feel like I’ve gone back in a time machine about 50 years.

One day you’re in your home town, and gore-tex, raggedy jeans, army pants, and thong revealing low riders are the norm.

A few days later and ones over here observing the billowing skirts and slinky dresses abounding in copious quantities.

From a mans perspective, where would you rather be?

It’s like in the west the attitude is to choke off as much femininity as possible, excepting exceptional events like weddings or formal occasions.

In the attempt to be individualistic, the women in the west seem to have ironically developed a style that for all the world mimics the stagnant shapeless clothing of something from an older Communist China!

Or they go overboard with revealing clothing to attract attention .. except it had better be the right guy giving her the attention buddy or else.


Ok so it’s a bit of a late wish but at least I remembered it right?

In any-case Ladies and Gentlemen we have officially passed the 1 year mark for this blog. Didn’t know what to expect when we all started on this adventure but it’s been a heck of a ride so far and a lot of fun sharing the experiences I’ve had with these incredible Russian Women.

Again I want to deeply thank all of you for your support and participation.

Although I’m happily in the midst of starting a new life and family I want to tell you that there are some very cool developments coming up on the horizon.

Please don’t forget to spread the word to your friends on what you have discovered here. Also if you like using Digg or Reddit like I do then please “Digg” or “Reddit” us when you get the chance.

Cheers! GL

If you come to Russia in the Summertime..

You will find that there are any number of local sponsored beauty contests going on.

One of the nicest things about them from my perspective is that there is absolutely no self-doubt or political correctness used to criticize or shun these events like they sometimes do in the West.

Instead it really is a great feeling when you can just.. well.. celebrate truly beautiful women for who they are and be inspired by it just the way mother nature intended it from the start.

These open-air beauty contest are always fun and popular events to go to. Indeed it is certainly a large part of the cultural fabric in Russia and the FSU.

So if you can’t make it to Russia this Summer to see one of these great events for yourself.

Hopefully these photos will bring a little of that experience to you.



Hi to everyone out there reading rw_man’s blog!

I’m certainly happy to be here, and I mean that in more than electronic form.

Yes, I did it,  packed up and moved (perhaps more appropriate than saying “got fed up, planned, and left”) to the former FSU.

I really don’t miss my ‘ol home one bit.

It’s weird you know, because on a strictly physical comparison there is no contest.

Let’s see: do up a comparison:  my home city .. more beautiful setting, check .. better climate, check .. higher quality of life, check .. more activities available, check ..  modern, high tech, convenient, check check check.

So the runaway winner is…


Ok I’m slowly working my way back to spending more time with you folks.

I’ve been busy getting Mr. Newexpat into the Russian groove so to speak.

He is finally situated into a nice place and has had enough time to take a good inventory of his new surroundings.

I could go on about the little adventures we’ve had in relation to this…  But the bottom line is this..

I think he’s happy..

And this is something that you will get a chance to learn for yourself since I’m pleased to announce that Mr. Newexpat will be contributing some posts to this blog periodically.

His experiences and perceptions will be valuable because they are fresh and coming from a Man who has just literally stepped out of one world and into the next.

So go ahead and fire off any questions directly to him about his time here so far.

And of course please give him a round of applause for making it here, welcome him aboard and “spread the love”.

I know you wouldn’t think this was possible for Siberia but it is getting seriously hot here.

Humid, muggy and lots of non-stop sunshine interrupted only by the occasional summer rains.

In any-case during days like this you either want to hang out on the balcony to try to catch an incoming breeze from the river.


You retreat inside to catch a cold one served on tap.

But with any direction you go..

You are sure to see some beautiful faces all along the way.

Speaking of which.. here are some of them for you to see for yourself.




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