Hi to everyone out there reading rw_man’s blog!

I’m certainly happy to be here, and I mean that in more than electronic form.

Yes, I did it,  packed up and moved (perhaps more appropriate than saying “got fed up, planned, and left”) to the former FSU.

I really don’t miss my ‘ol home one bit.

It’s weird you know, because on a strictly physical comparison there is no contest.

Let’s see: do up a comparison:  my home city .. more beautiful setting, check .. better climate, check .. higher quality of life, check .. more activities available, check ..  modern, high tech, convenient, check check check.

So the runaway winner is…

The envelope please —  here!  The winner going away, it’s not even a horse-race!

Now I’ve travelled a bit so I had a fair idea of what to expect.

I decamped in this area for specific reasons though. My expectations have been fulfilled.  Anyone familiar with this blog knows what I’m talking about..

We’re talking Dyevushkee’s. Punemiyo?

You see, my experience has been that one can have all the physical trappings of success and not be content.  Add in that I was bored. So bored.

Well that’s all changed!

What I really really wanted is to pursue the old classic romantic avenue of relationships. 

This will be a challenge and I’d have it no other way.  It wouldn’t be sincere if it wasn’t.

Notice the words I’m emphasizing.

Romantic, classic,  challenge, sincere.  Not “girls gone wild”,  pick-up ,  marriage agency.. any of that.

It’s almost impossible in the west to find an attractive lady that isn’t putting on an act or playing head games.  With the confused and deteriorating social structure at home the hope for any of this is about nil.

Here the rules are quite clear, though the learning curve is steep.

I’m prepared to climb that curve.

See ya at the top!

– Newexpat