Ok I’m slowly working my way back to spending more time with you folks.

I’ve been busy getting Mr. Newexpat into the Russian groove so to speak.

He is finally situated into a nice place and has had enough time to take a good inventory of his new surroundings.

I could go on about the little adventures we’ve had in relation to this…  But the bottom line is this..

I think he’s happy..

And this is something that you will get a chance to learn for yourself since I’m pleased to announce that Mr. Newexpat will be contributing some posts to this blog periodically.

His experiences and perceptions will be valuable because they are fresh and coming from a Man who has just literally stepped out of one world and into the next.

So go ahead and fire off any questions directly to him about his time here so far.

And of course please give him a round of applause for making it here, welcome him aboard and “spread the love”.