If you’ve spent any time browsing through this blog I’m sure you can see that I’m a big believer in spending as much time as humanly possible out in this part of the world.

I’ve never been a big fan of the Traditional Agency process nor am I a supporter of any of the dating websites that seem to be so popular these days like Match or eHarmony dot com..

Sorry.. but I’m proudly an old fashioned kind of guy when it comes to courtship and relationships.

I truly believe that plain ol’ simple normal human interactions are the way Mother Nature intended us to interact and bond.

The biggest problem I have with any of the so called modern web based dating methods is that it tries to sell us more of a convenience as opposed to a true man to woman connection.

In the West we are so used to having everything on demand ranging from Domino’s arriving at our door step to the Tivo boxes hooked up to our Plasma Screens that we are so totally conditioned to believe that the same Pavlovian instant gratification process can somehow be applied to finding a real, legitimate and loving mate.

Sorry Buddy..

Not going to happen in my mind..

Even if there is any measure of “success” in searching online for someone to “hang out” with..

Or worse yet..

To “hook up” with then we have just totally cheated ourselves big time..

The mystery and awe of a chance encounter along with that first initial glance into the piercing eyes of a beautiful maiden is now completely gone..

And in today’s world it has sadly been substituted with the sterile process of an online resume exchange and a possible follow-up job interview disguised as a “date”.


Trust me on this one..

This is not how you want to start your new life with a lady.

The moment you both mouse clicked each other’s online profile was the moment you both volunteered yourselves towards becoming a cheap commodity in an endless catalog of other like minded commodities.

Is this harsh?

Yes I’m afraid it is..

Is this reality?

Yes I’m afraid it is..

This type of commodity mentality is literally killing us.. spiritually for sure.. and when that happens our bodies are sure to follow and the proof of this is everywhere.

We unfortunately live in a world where this is the norm as far as “dating” is concerned.

When I ponder this situation I’m reminded of a scene from “The Matrix” when Neo is shocked to see another human being for the first time who doesn’t have mechanical and computer interface “holes” in his body.

Neo : You don’t…you don’t have any…

Tank :

Holes? Nope. Me and my brother Dozer, we’re both one hundred percent pure, old fashioned home-grown human, born free! Right here, in the real world.

Now I use this example because if you could see how dating and courtships traditionally work in this part of world that I live in..

You too might feel shocked like Neo and start wondering how any of this could have been done without computers or the internet..

So let me cut to the chase and state the obvious..

The absolute best way to meet incredible Russian Girls is to live among them.

And although this is great step in the right direction it is ONLY the first step that you need to take..

Because if you haven’t done so already to an acceptable level..

You will still need to grow.. grow.. grow.. and grow some more in all the important ways that transform you into attractive man that any real lady would want to be with in the first place.

I cannot over-emphasize this point Gentlemen..

Re-read it several times if you need to.. because IT’S THAT IMPORTANT..

Now if you’ve made it to this point then the final step in preparing for all of this is to develop or join a SOCIAL NETWORK where you can make the right friends and acquaintances.

In a ideal setting you would have a popular social network that is just flowing with the type of ladies that you wish to meet.

Now are any of these steps easy to do?

Certainly not..

But these steps are the crown jewels in terms of obtaining what it is you really want in the precious life that you have left.

And I have a pretty good idea as to what that something is..

It’s because when I made the decision to do this for myself..

I just had a clear realization that I could choose to build a house out of straw in no time flat but still have to constantly rebuild it time and time again…


I could just bite the bullet and build something that I knew was going to last forever.. brick by precious brick..

Or in the immortal words of an engineering friend who was always never at a loss for expressing deep truths..

“Good bridges are always expensive to build..”

“But they always pay for themselves many times over..”