I’ve been working on a pretty cool project in this part of the world that will be a good business and networking opportunity for a willing investor.

I can’t go into the details of what this project is on an open forum like this but there is a great deal of potential upside for someone who is searching for a way to either live over here or to get personalized long term support from myself in finding the lady of their dreams.

This project will not only be profitable but will also create a significant and high value social network for anyone who gets involved with it at the ground level.

In short it will be a great vehicle for allowing someone to spend more quality time with the ladies over here.

So accordingly I will be looking for and evaluating the right type of person to work with in order to make this happen.

So if you have the means to make a modest business investment and are up for a new adventure please drop me an email at

galacticlove at gmail.com

Please be sure to tell me a little bit about yourself and I will tell you more about this project.