Hello Everyone,

I never thought that I’d have to set down some rules for discussion but our readership volume is at such a level that we need to set down some good guidelines.

First off..

In case you haven’t noticed by now..

This blog is all about celebrating Beautiful and Traditional Women..

And since I’m in this part of the world my main focus is on Russian Women..

I personally love it when I hear stories of you guys coming over here and being blown away by what these ladies are like..

I also love it when one of you lucky guys writes to me about actually meeting a Russian Girl who is visiting your city or home town.

It’s all good and that is the way I want to keep it.

Nice and positive Gentlemen.

Now will controversial topics and discussions occasionally come up?

Of course they will.

But as long as we handle these topics and each other with a certain measure of respect then I’m a happy camper.

You all know that I’m no fan or friend of Feminism.

So when the occasional Feminist decides to wander into our enchanted forest and start throwing mud around I’m only too happy to let her do it and watch her get filthy to prove an important point.

A point which should be obvious to all of you by now.

Now I really couldn’t care less if they try to attack me..

Because this is no different from any type of Intellectual Ultimate Fighting Match which I find to be mostly amusing.


If and when someone starts to attack the girls here with whom I have come to know and respect..

Then we are dealing with a completely different story..

Anyone who does that will be immediately tagged with a SPAM designation.


Anyone who tries to come on to these ladies sexually in the hopes that they might read it on this blog and actually buy into it..

Well you guy’s are SPAM’d too..

Anyone who acts a little too desperate or creepy and says, “Hi girls if you want a good relationship with a nice man call or email me at.. ”


Bitter Men or Women who have been through a bad experience and have absolutely nothing positive or constructive to say and just want to trash talk..


Marriage Agencies or any other type of business for that matter that want to run their advertising here…

Obvious SPAM

Ok I’m glad that’s all said and done and out of the way..

So Enjoy the Blog and Have a Great Day!