October 2007

Our lovely Mascha will be back soon.

I thought this might be a good opportunity for you to present her with any questions that you might have about her or her background as a Russian Girl on the comments section below.

I’m sure she’s looking forward to this..

So let’s see what kind of interactive adventures we can have here.


OK Gentlemen think back for a second.

When was the last time any of you guys actually saw a truly EXOTIC WOMAN?

(And No I’m not talking about the sexy fantasy art they put on video game covers either.)

I’m talking about the Real Deal.

I’m talking about an Exotic Woman who comes from an equally Exotic Culture.

An Exotic Woman who could simply sway a certain part of her body in a serpentine-like way and instantly put any Man before her into a spellbound trance.

An Exotic Woman who actually causes Men to seriously calculate the pros and cons of selling their souls in return for the burning touch of a wanton blaze of primal glory.

Or in other words an Exotic Siren who could instantly make anyone of us Guys have a sudden urge to yell out…


Well I’ve had the privilege and “adventure” in actually meeting such a woman.

And when it happened I suddenly realized why we Men have had a long standing tradition of comparing women like this to BOMBS.

Very Big Bombs..

High-yield, Bunker-Busting, Thermo-Nuclear ones..

In any case I never dreamed that I would someday end up personally thanking Genghis Khan for his unique contributions to Russian History.

But then again I never knew what a Tartar Girl was like until I encountered this..


I’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that the important news site DIGG is either suppressing or burying any attempts to suggest any of my post to their readers.

Several of my post that have been previously submitted by our readers to DIGG have quickly been “buried”.

I’ve had this done several times before and I question why there is any controversy associated with this blog when other Men’s sites which merely promote sexy images of women get heavily promoted. Even more disturbing is the fact that various Marriage Agencies which promote themselves as “Mail Order Bride” vendors are also allowed to have their pages listed.

I have to openly wonder if the key contributing members of DIGG or maybe even their own staff have any agenda in wanting to supress information which promotes Traditionally Beautiful and Feminine Women? Do they only feel comfortable promoting Women as 2 dimensional objects for viewing pleasure only?

I honestly hope that someone proves me wrong on this but if any of you have any suggestions or contacts that you know of to try to remedy this..

I would greatly appreciate it.


Mascha is out of town right now but I had the opportunity to tell her about how gracious you have been in appreciating her videos.

Her response?

Well let’s see..

  • In spite of her face turning a light shade of red..
  • Or the absolute surprised look of disbelief that came from her eyes of blue..
  • Of maybe even her non-stop giggling that reminded me of being back in grade school..

I think it’s safe to say..

That you really made her day.

Now I have a strange observation to make but I think it’s a fitting one given that I was just the messenger and on the receiving end of her “response”.

So here goes..


Mascha wanted to go for a little saunter around the neighborhood.

And fortunately we got a chance to capture it.

Nothing scripted..

Just a small glimpse as to what an everyday experience is like.

Simple moments at the crossroads of reality…

and a dream.


One of my friends named Mascha has been gracious enough to be my first video personality to talk about Russian Women.

It is my hope that we will be able to do many more segments like this describing what normal life is like from a Russian Girl’s perspective.

She was very shy about her English and didn’t want to do this at first but I told her that I thought her accent would be quite endearing and pretty darn cute too. 🙂

If you folks enjoy this then please give Mascha your support and let her know.

Russian Women Mascha

You can see Mascha’s next video interview here.


I was reviewing some of my earlier posts and realized that I really enjoy it when somebody tosses a good question my way.

It turns out that some of the more interesting posts I’ve put out have always started out this way.

Keep in mind that some of my previous posts may have already addressed your questions but go ahead and fire away and let’s see if we can all try to spread some potential enlightenment on our favorite subject.

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