Mascha is out of town right now but I had the opportunity to tell her about how gracious you have been in appreciating her videos.

Her response?

Well let’s see..

  • In spite of her face turning a light shade of red..
  • Or the absolute surprised look of disbelief that came from her eyes of blue..
  • Of maybe even her non-stop giggling that reminded me of being back in grade school..

I think it’s safe to say..

That you really made her day.

Now I have a strange observation to make but I think it’s a fitting one given that I was just the messenger and on the receiving end of her “response”.

So here goes..

Have any of you ever seen that old Disney movie called “Monster’s Inc.”?

It’s about this group of funny looking monsters who need to generate electricity for their home world by making children scream.

So they have this inter-dimensional contraption that allows them to transport themselves into a kids’ closet during the night in order to scare the be-jesus out of them and then they “collect” the “energy” of these screams and then take it back to their home world so that they can meet their daily “production” quotas.

Now if you haven’t seen this movie then I’m sure by now you are assuming that I didn’t take my meds this morning and have completely jumped off the deep end of reality..

But hold on to your horses..

Because I’m about to make a point..

Two of the “Good Guy” Monsters accidentally discover that if they make a kid giggle or laugh as opposed to screaming then the energy output that is delivered FAR EXCEEDS anything they have ever seen before.

And we are talking Power Surge Galore..

Light Bulbs Popping..

Fuses Exploding..

Transformers Blowing Up..

And basically just everything going black like someone just pulled the plug on the electrical system to your conscious mind.

Well for some strange reason as the sound of Mascha’s giggles entered my ear..

This very amusing imagery from this very funny movie came back to me again.

And it sure as heck made me smile too.