I’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that the important news site DIGG is either suppressing or burying any attempts to suggest any of my post to their readers.

Several of my post that have been previously submitted by our readers to DIGG have quickly been “buried”.

I’ve had this done several times before and I question why there is any controversy associated with this blog when other Men’s sites which merely promote sexy images of women get heavily promoted. Even more disturbing is the fact that various Marriage Agencies which promote themselves as “Mail Order Bride” vendors are also allowed to have their pages listed.

I have to openly wonder if the key contributing members of DIGG or maybe even their own staff have any agenda in wanting to supress information which promotes Traditionally Beautiful and Feminine Women? Do they only feel comfortable promoting Women as 2 dimensional objects for viewing pleasure only?

I honestly hope that someone proves me wrong on this but if any of you have any suggestions or contacts that you know of to try to remedy this..

I would greatly appreciate it.