January 2008

Well I’ve finally decided to sit down and spell out the important things that you should know in knowing how to interact with a Russian / FSU Lady that you wish to have a relationship with. 

Over the following days and weeks I will introduce some valuable information for you to absorb and hopefully take to heart. 

Now from my own personal experience I know that the decision to bring a traditional Russian lady into your life is a profound experience.. 

And I believe that the most important thing you need to understand is this..

This is NOT about finding a woman who can completely accept you for “who you are”.

Now I know this may sound harsh but there is a great deal of truth in this..

I say this because I’ve met a significant number of Western Men who FAIL to understand that the process of successfully bringing a woman into their life..

Requires CHANGE and HARD WORK..


.. and LOTS of HARD WORK.

And most men TOTALLY UNDERESTIMATE how much effort is required to succeed.

Now on one side of the scale you may have Mr. Socially Unacceptable making a futile search for a “desperate woman” who he hopes will “easily” accept him.

And on the other side you may have Mr. Analytical looking for the step by step play book that he needs to follow in order to win the heart of a special girl.

Well in both cases nothing could be farther from the truth..

Sure you could pick up the latest Men’s Health or Maxim Magazine and read all about the “right techniques” that you “should” use to improve your love life..

And yes..  there is probably some value in between those glossy pages..


There is a much deeper goal which needs to be accomplished first.

And that would be to firmly establish your IDENTITY as a Traditional and Real MAN.


When you read through the various posts on this blog you may notice that I often use the term “Traditional Russian Women” as opposed to just “Russian Women”.

I do this because because I’m more then aware that there are many different types of women in Russia and the FSU.

As with all countries and all nationalities there are various unknown percentages of women who are less then honest, moral, sincere, humble, or gracious..

For example many men who visit various agency sites may be enticed by a scam artist or by some lady who has some type of problem which would prevent her from having a healthy relationship.

Yes these women do exist and it wouldn’t be too hard to define a litany of red flags which you should be looking out for.

(Like a woman you’ve never physically met who convincingly tries to ask you for money. Which you should all know by now to NEVER DO.)

Now for every man who has encountered these types of nefarious woman either in correspondence or in real life I’d like to tell you right now..


This is NOT the type of woman that I admire or generally write about.

This is NOT the type of woman that you should create a stereotype about in your mind.

Trust me on this..

If Russia and the FSU was dominated by these types of women then neither this blog or my presence here would exist.

OK now that this is out of the way..

Let me just say that by default anytime I use the term “Russian Women”..

I’m actually referring to the TRADITIONAL Russian Women that live their lives according to TRADITIONAL Feminine values and beliefs.

(And if you want to find out more about what this is all about then just start reading through my previous posts to get the picture.)

And we can all certainly be grateful that this is norm here.

There are 2 characteristics that I adore about the communication style that Russian Ladies have.

  • Their Bluntness
  • Their Diplomacy

Ok now before you start thinking that these two characteristics are contradictory and mutually exclusive let me do my best to explain how these ladies seem to balance both sides with ease.

Russian Women can be extremely blunt..

They will simply tell you the truth on something either good..

Or bad..

Now if you are on the receiving end of some this critical commentary..

You may be surprised if you don’t feel the slightest inclination to take it personally or to be offended..

And there is an important reason behind this.

If a Russian Woman tells you something truthful that is less then flattering.. she will HARDLY imply that you are any less of a Man.

Her feedback to you is simply treated like a neutral academic observation and the farthest thing away from a school yard taunt that any number of American Women would enjoy throwing at you for sport or for cheap ego gains.

Now if you think that’s hard to believe then keep reading..


Growing up in the US I have vivid memories of being brought up in a culture just filled with serious talkers.

At times it just seemed like everyone was trying very hard.. often too hard..  to be their own Marketing or PR agent.

Now of course I know that in our freemarket system of living and doing business it’s often imperative to represent these titles in order to get ahead. But I believe that something important got lost in translation especially when it came to how American Men and Women communicate to each other.

No where does this deficit seem to be so obvious as to when I listen to the general population of American Women talking.

Part of me wants to be just outright cynical and characterize it as  just a bunch of blah blah blah..

But this post deserves a better explanation so I will state that the biggest problem I have is with the actual VOLUME (both in word count and decibel level) and the often unpleasant egotistical ATTITIDE that many of these women “try” to “express” themselves with.

Now if you are from the US and you’ve never been to Russia or the FSU it would be easy to think that this style of “womanly” banter is just the natural state of affairs for the female species.  However once you arrive here you will begin to notice that the local beauties walking around here have a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT way of carrying themselves both appearance and conversation wise.


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