There are 2 characteristics that I adore about the communication style that Russian Ladies have.

  • Their Bluntness
  • Their Diplomacy

Ok now before you start thinking that these two characteristics are contradictory and mutually exclusive let me do my best to explain how these ladies seem to balance both sides with ease.

Russian Women can be extremely blunt..

They will simply tell you the truth on something either good..

Or bad..

Now if you are on the receiving end of some this critical commentary..

You may be surprised if you don’t feel the slightest inclination to take it personally or to be offended..

And there is an important reason behind this.

If a Russian Woman tells you something truthful that is less then flattering.. she will HARDLY imply that you are any less of a Man.

Her feedback to you is simply treated like a neutral academic observation and the farthest thing away from a school yard taunt that any number of American Women would enjoy throwing at you for sport or for cheap ego gains.

Now if you think that’s hard to believe then keep reading..

I have NEVER witnessed a Russian Woman “nagging” her man into doing something.

Nor have I ever seen these Ladies try to jump on a Man’s self-esteem in attempt to exploit or bitch him out.

So you might be thinking well this sounds pretty incredible GL but how does a Lady like this manage to convey her needs and desires to a Man?

Well this is where her DIPLOMACY automatically kicks in.

Now the best quote I ever read about Diplomacy was the following..

Diplomacy is the art of making other people freely choose YOUR way..

… and feel good about it too.

This is certainly true when it comes to what most Russian Women are naturally capable of doing with their men.

Let’s start with a Russian Lady’s simple but effective verbal diplomacy.

Imagine that you are on a date with your special lady and you actually thought it would be a good idea to take her to see the latest Alien vs. Predator flick that you’ve been dying to see.

Now there’s a fair likely-hood that your Russian Lady will gently wrap her delicate hands around your arm..

…pull you close to her beautiful body.. give you a loving smile.. and say in the sweetest voice..

“Maybe we should go see ‘Love letters from Paris’ instead?”

(yes it’s a fictional movie but you get the point..)

Now guys.. I don’t know about you..

But how in the HELL are you ever going to be able to say “No” to that?

Now just in case you totally screwed up this test and insisted on seeing the latest cosmic battle between a zenomorph with acid blood and one very bad ass-ed deadlocked alien hunter..

I think it’s safe to say that you would probably be ridden with guilt during the entire alien action feast and long afterwards for not granting your lady her subtle wish.

Now for most of you guys who would make the right decision and say..

“Ok Honey.. Let’s go see ‘Love letters from Paris'”.

I can pretty much guarantee that you will feel quite happy and satisfied sitting in the dark holding hands with your lady and feeling her energy as she rides a roller coaster of romantic emotions.

Now the greatest feeling in all of this comes from the lasting glow your traditional Russian Lady projects because she will frequently act like you just gave her something special that far exceeded her expectations.

Or in other words..

For the price of two movie tickets, a bucket of popcorn, and maybe a coke you just gave her something that she may treat no differently then if you presented her with some pricey gift.

This is because in her eyes you really did give her something special..

You gave her your TIME and ATTENTION and this is something that she will never take for granted.

She knows that the only reason you saw this movie in the first place was for her and she will show her sincere appreciation and gratitude for it..

Are you Guys starting to get this?

Ok good.. Now let me describe what I call a Russian Woman’s “Body Language Diplomacy”.

Let’s pretend again that you are going for a leisurely walk with your Lovely Lady somewhere in her home town..

As usual you are holding hands or she is holding your arm and you have a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside with this affectionate physical contact and because of the trust that she is showing in you as a Man..

You are just taking in everything and enjoying the sights and sounds.. maybe you are engaged in some conversation and your mind is just spinning from the real romance that you are experiencing at the moment.

You are just leisurely walking along.. not really paying attention to where you are going when all of a sudden she silently gives your arm a gentle pull and you find yourself sauntering down a completely different direction..

Now in that wonderful split second of life that just occurred..

Some of you Men may have notice of it..

.. and some of you may have not.

But for whatever reason..

You realize that if feels REALLY GOOD for a Beautiful Woman on your arm to silently guide you like this.

This woman may be significantly younger then you but you may swear that you are the one who feels like a child being shepherded along by a beautiful angel down some safe and proper path….

These are just a few examples of the irresistible power that a Traditional Russian Woman can wield over you as a Man..

However, I can honestly tell you that there are MANY more spells that this Lady can cast on you.

Some of these are just as quiet, soft or subtle..

While most of these are just completely invisible..

…as they were intended to be.

But as you Gentlemen should hopefully understand by now..

This doesn’t in anyway diminish the deep influence that this lovely woman will have over you..

And the best thing about it..

Is that you will be eternally grateful for it..