Well I’ve finally decided to sit down and spell out the important things that you should know in knowing how to interact with a Russian / FSU Lady that you wish to have a relationship with. 

Over the following days and weeks I will introduce some valuable information for you to absorb and hopefully take to heart. 

Now from my own personal experience I know that the decision to bring a traditional Russian lady into your life is a profound experience.. 

And I believe that the most important thing you need to understand is this..

This is NOT about finding a woman who can completely accept you for “who you are”.

Now I know this may sound harsh but there is a great deal of truth in this..

I say this because I’ve met a significant number of Western Men who FAIL to understand that the process of successfully bringing a woman into their life..

Requires CHANGE and HARD WORK..


.. and LOTS of HARD WORK.

And most men TOTALLY UNDERESTIMATE how much effort is required to succeed.

Now on one side of the scale you may have Mr. Socially Unacceptable making a futile search for a “desperate woman” who he hopes will “easily” accept him.

And on the other side you may have Mr. Analytical looking for the step by step play book that he needs to follow in order to win the heart of a special girl.

Well in both cases nothing could be farther from the truth..

Sure you could pick up the latest Men’s Health or Maxim Magazine and read all about the “right techniques” that you “should” use to improve your love life..

And yes..  there is probably some value in between those glossy pages..


There is a much deeper goal which needs to be accomplished first.

And that would be to firmly establish your IDENTITY as a Traditional and Real MAN.

Let me try to illustrate this with an example.

Imagine that you are seated at some bar watching a Karaoke Contest.

The first name is called and an painfully shy and nervous man steps on stage and clutches the microphone with both hands as if he’s praying for someone to save him.  His elbows are tucked into his ribs.. His legs are touching each other.. his back is hunched over..  and his eyes are completely glued to the small stage monitor showing the song lyrics.  His clothes are frayed or sloppy or fit poorly. He gives absolutely no eye contact with the audience and there is no movement on stage as he stands perfectly still..

But worst of all..

There is no emotion or excitement conveyed as he drones on trying to “sing” his way to the end of the song as quickly as he can.

As you can guess this is also an unpleasant experience for the audience as well..  so they naturally ignore him and go back to their drinks and conversation..

Now to further add insult to injury..  imagine that after finishing his “performance” this man goes back to his seat and bitterly “whines” to his friends that this was a bad audience and that they should have liked him more then they did.

Starting to get the picture?

Now let’s take this a step further.. 

Imagine this same man coming to Russia or the FSU to look for a wife. 

Maybe he’s even armed with every piece of information he can find about Russian Women and carefully reviews it during his flight over.

Now what do you honestly think his chances for success will be?

Even if he did get “engaged” what type of woman do you think would willingly agree to marry him?

Now I’m the kind of person who likes to be optimistic and always look at the bright side of things.

However, even with the best wishes I could possibly bestow upon this guy..

There is still a very high probability that he is going to be extremely disappointed with or without a girl by his side.

Because in either case..

Whether this guy is trying to “sing” karaoke lyrics he’s reading on stage..


Whether he’s trying to “act out” every bit of advice he’s read on this blog..

Neither the lyrics or my advice is currently a part of his life..

Neither of it is part of his IDENTITY.

Now don’t get me wrong.. 

Knowing what words to sing on a Karaoke stage or knowing what words to say to a Russian Lady are both important but this is only 20% of what you need to accomplish..

The much more critical 80% that needs to be done first is to FIRMLY ESTABLISH your IDENTITY as a TRADITIONAL MAN.

Now the BIG QUESTION that I’m sure most of you guys are asking is HOW?

Let’s revisit the Karaoke guy for a minute.. 

Let’s say that this guy has a real passion for singing but knows that he has a long ways to go before he can be respected on stage.  He takes voice lessons.. he goes out to Karaoke every chance he gets.. he practices at home..

And at some point during this process he makes the MAGICAL transition of taking an activity that he loves and incorporates it into his very soul..

Because in the beginning he may think to himself, “I like to sing..”

But after much dedication, practice and confidence building..

After all the songs he’s sung repeatedly becomes a part of his subconscious..

And his ability to convincingly perform them on stage becomes instinctive..

He wakes up one fine morning.. looks in the mirror and says to himself..

“Dude you ARE a SINGER..”

And then he jumps onto Craig’s List to announce his intentions to sing for a band.

Now this may seem like a silly example but I want you to imagine that your decision to come to Russia or the FSU to look for a wife is very much like deciding that you want to be on American Idol. 

You either understand that you are a REAL SINGER who has a legitimate shot at success..


You are just trying to mimic your way through and hope to not screw up too badly when in fact everyone in the audience can spot you out for the nervous newbie that you are.  And they all make the conclusion that you have no business being on stage.

Well Gentlemen it’s the same deal with finding and attracting a great TRADITIONAL WOMAN into your life.

You either understand and take to heart the classic norms, appearance, etiquette, attitude and identity of a real TRADITIONAL MAN.


You have a litany of excuses in deciding not to adopt them into your life..  i.e. ignorance, pride, cowardice, laziness, pessimism and so on..

So remember earlier when I said that any BIG CHANGE in your life require HARD WORK?

Well yes this is true..

But once again there is something far deeper and rewarding here..

And let’s just call that something PASSION.  

Because if you have PASSION for something then you really don’t think about the sacrifices you make or the hard work that you do to reach it.. 

You just do it because THIS IS WHO YOU ARE.

Now I want to say right here and now in the STRONGEST POSSIBLE LANGUAGE..

That the decision to bring a Traditional Russian or FSU woman into your life is NOT for everyone.

There will always be plenty of guys in this world who have no business attempting this just like they have no business being on American Idol.


As my lovely Russian lady friend named Tanya living in California says:

“What Men need to understand is that they have a unique opportunity to have a unique relationship that will bring them much happiness if they are able to make the right changes for themselves..”


If you Gentlemen really want to do this then I will explain to you the classic norms, appearance, etiquette, attitude and identity that you will WANT to have as a Traditional Man in my upcoming posts.

You will WANT to take what I tell you and completely absorb and practice it until it becomes a part of your IDENTITY. 

And it’s worth repeating that what you learn here is only 20% of the deal.. the remaining 80% is completely up to you.

Trust me on this Gentlemen..

If you are able to bring forth your inner Passion as a Traditional Man to manifest a Traditional Lady like this into your life..

Then the Passion she will give back to you will be at a whole different level then what you put in..

Or to use an interesting analogy..

A Traditional Russian Woman’s fusion reactor is always a challenge to start..

But once it ignites.. this mechanism which powers the stars itself will deliver warmth and light..

And in doing so will give birth to new worlds..

And to new life.