February 2008

I didn’t quite know what to do with these photos of some previous ladies that you’ve already seen here..

But I’m willing to bet that you Gentlemen wouldn’t mind it at all if I still posted them.

Cheers.. 🙂



I was at an Internet cafe the other day and noticed something worth sharing with you.

Seated next to me in the next computer cubicle was a very lovely lady in her mid 20’s.

Now because we were seated so closely to each other and because there was only a tiny partition between each cubicle… Everyone could easily see what everybody else was doing.

Now let me say first off that I respect people’s privacy but when you are in this situation it’s pretty hard NOT to see what the other person is doing on their computer.

Anyways this lady was busy navigating her way through an American dating site and corresponding with a gentlemen who had listed his profile online.

Now even though I personally believe that there is no real substitute for actually going out into the world and meeting prospective dates in person..

I’m not blind to the fact that this is still a positive thing since the spread of the internet gives a growing number of these ladies more chances to expand their relationship choices beyond their hometown.


Federal lawsuit charges parts of the Violence against Women Act are unconstitutional.

Attorney Roy Den Hollander filed on February 14th, a suit in the U.S. Southern District Court of N.Y. attacking sections of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and other U.S. statutes for violating the Constitutional rights of American men who marry alien females.

The defendants are the United States of America, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Executive Office of Immigration Review, No. 08 CV 01521. Roy Den Hollander is the sole plaintiff. Hollander has also sued in a New York State court to have Ladies Nights declared discriminatory in New York City nightclubs and bars.

The VAWA infringes American mens rights to freedom of speech, freedom of choice in marital relationships, right of access to deportation proceedings, procedural due process, and equal protection under the law in violation of the First and Fifth Amendments to the United States Constitution. The unconstitutional statutes, enacted at the behest of the feminist lobby, create a fast track to permanent U.S. residency and citizenship for alien wives or ex-wives of American husbands whenever the alien female alleges abuse.

Once she mentions the magic words -battery- or -extreme cruelty-, the Government institutes secret, -Star Chamber- immigration proceedings to determine whether the citizen husband is responsible, and, if yes, grants the alien female permanent U.S. residency. The American husband or ex-husband receives no notice of the proceedings, has no opportunity to defend his name, and the Government’s findings of abuse are based almost exclusively on what the alien female says.

The feminist lobby created the statutes in order to deter American men from looking overseas for wives. If a marriage to a foreign wife does not workout, the alien female can falsely and opportunistically accuse her American husband of -battery- or -extreme cruelty- and he will have no opportunity to prove his innocence. The husband is barred from the proceedings that are conducted behind closed doors and any evidence that the Government might receive from him is discarded. So not only is the husband presumed guilty, but he is not even allowed to prove differently.


I know that since I started this blog Inessa’s pictures have been viewed countless times.

And in doing so she has become our lovely poster girl for Russian Women the Real Truth.

Many of you like myself certainly appreciate beauty when we see it.

So it’s probably time for all of us to appreciate it once more.



Take a look at the following article from CNN.

(CNN) — Looking for love this Valentine’s day? Make sure Cupid’s arrow doesn’t hit your wallet.

That’s exactly what happened to Kim Kossie, a single woman in Houston, Texas. Kossie joined an online Christian dating site after a friend recommended it. She thought she had met the man of her dreams … an artist from London.

“He sent these wonderful pictures. This guy was quoting scripture. We were praying everyday,” she says. “It was almost like a dream guy.”

They talked on the phone several times a day, everyday. He was engaging. He gave great advice. He was even supposed to visit her parents in Houston. But then, he started asking for money, with promises to pay her back. In two months, Kossie wired him a total of $2,000. Not to mention the phone bill she was stuck with for $1,500. To this day she has not seen him — or her money.


OK let’s be completely honest here.

We Men are physically attracted to Younger Ladies..

Always have been and always will be..

And this is something that none of us need to make the slightest justification or excuse for because of a very simple reason.

This attraction is completely Hard Wired into our brains.

And there is simply NOTHING that any jaded feminist can say or do to alter this unless of course you actually decide to go into hiding like some poor wimp over some stupid name calling on their part.

Now the evolutionary biologists out there will state that we Men are attracted to Younger Women because we realize that they are still fertile and can bear healthy children etc..

Well I think that’s all nice and good but in reality the things I’m sure we notice most are the way Beautiful Younger Women LOOK, SOUND and make us FEEL.


First off..

I’d like to wish a very special Happy Valentines Day to all the Lovely Ladies I know who read and enjoy this blog.

You know who you are and you certainly deserve all the Romance, Love and Joy in the world.  🙂


I’d like to tell you Gentlemen that if you haven’t already done so then please make sure that you also give your most heartfelt Valentines Day wishes to every Russian or FSU Lady you know.  

Because I tell you they really deserve it.

Valentines Day is also highly celebrated in Russia and the FSU. 

And as you can guess every Russian Woman’s dream is to receive a special batch of flowers, cards and of course chocolates..

So Gentlemen make sure you go out and make some lucky lady’s dreams come true.  🙂

Russian Women can be incredibly hard working and disciplined when it comes to working or studying.

But even in the midst of their concentration and labors there is still a calm and confident beauty that seems to radiate from their aura.



One of the hardest things for most men to grasp is that the feminist cultural norms they were indoctrinated into are absolutely destructive towards their dream of having a happy marriage with a beautiful and traditional lady.

And the core factor which determines success or failure for them depends on which of the following paths they choose:

Bold & Active


Defensive & Passive

Now Imagine what would happen if you yourself acted in a DEFENSIVE or APOLOGETIC stance everyday.

It shouldn’t be too hard to see that this would lead to a whole host of problems that would make your life pretty miserable.

Now let’s take this one step further.

Imagine a life where everything you say as a Man is followed by some disclaimer or apology because you are constantly expecting to be attacked or labeled as one of the following:

  • Abuser
  • Chauvinist
  • Stupid
  • Rapist
  • Sexist
  • Violent
  • Lazy
  • Irresponsible

… and the list goes on and on.

Tragically Gentlemen this is the “Feminist Re-education Camp” culture that many of us were born into.


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