One of the hardest things for most men to grasp is that the feminist cultural norms they were indoctrinated into are absolutely destructive towards their dream of having a happy marriage with a beautiful and traditional lady.

And the core factor which determines success or failure for them depends on which of the following paths they choose:

Bold & Active


Defensive & Passive

Now Imagine what would happen if you yourself acted in a DEFENSIVE or APOLOGETIC stance everyday.

It shouldn’t be too hard to see that this would lead to a whole host of problems that would make your life pretty miserable.

Now let’s take this one step further.

Imagine a life where everything you say as a Man is followed by some disclaimer or apology because you are constantly expecting to be attacked or labeled as one of the following:

  • Abuser
  • Chauvinist
  • Stupid
  • Rapist
  • Sexist
  • Violent
  • Lazy
  • Irresponsible

… and the list goes on and on.

Tragically Gentlemen this is the “Feminist Re-education Camp” culture that many of us were born into.

And throwing a toxic mix of fear and labels at someone starting from a young age on is a VERY EFFECTIVE method of LIFELONG CONTROL.

Obviously if we were brought up to believe these things about ourselves as Men…

Then on some level we were born and manipulated since the time we were boys to be slaves.

Unfortunately this hostile environment against Men is so commonplace in North America that the majority of men accept this as the status quo and just adapt themselves to living an apologetic lifestyle for the rest of their days.

And Gentlemen there is nothing sadder then seeing a once proud and nobel Man reduced to a mental and emotionally compliant puppet. 

Believe me on this one..

This is no way to try to attract or have a relationship with any woman let alone a traditional one from the FSU.

I’m sure you can imagine what type of depressing feelings and behaviors exist in such a place for such a man.

I’m also sure you can imagine the underlying FEAR and CAUTION that Men exercise when having even the most mundane conversations with Women…

And sadly with other Men too..

This reminds me of the bad old days of the Cold War when children in some Soviet Bloc countries were taught in school to report their own parents to the Communist Authorities if they uttered the slightest criticism about the State.

I believe that we are one step away from re-living this nightmarish past if we allow the Feminists to continue their insatiable drive for power and control with the “Political Correctness” campaign they expertly wield over media, culture, and our very own identities as Men.

The very first step that must be done to correct this is also a very difficult one..

Because we must accept that all of us have been brainwashed to various degrees by a vicious and hostile Feminist culture.

And there is no way to really understand the depths of this brainwashing until you remove yourself out of the Feminist “re-education” camp that many of us were brought up in and are able to freely live or experience another country far removed from this propaganda and indoctrination.

The fact that anyone is born into a hostile world where the cards are always stacked against them is a tragedy.

But allowing this initial tragedy to continue to grow is a catastrophe.

Because if we are not deeply vigilant and self-aware of this situation then one tragedy in life has a very bad habit of metastasizing like a cancer and spreading until it eventually kills off the entire body.

Or in this case a Man’s spirit.

Let’s illustrate a simple scenario of this happening.

Tragedy 0

Feminist indoctrinated Western Women along with popular media, news, and cultural norms all combine to convey a convincing message that “Men are bad”.

Tragedy 1

A Man raised in this environment is naturally conditioned to have defensive behaviors motivated by fear and caution in order to keep him “safe”.

Tragedy 2

These defensive behaviors become directly responsible for his inability to have a rewarding relationship with any worthy or traditional woman.. and in this case let’s assume a Russian or FSU Woman.

Tragedy 3

He goes home disappointed and decides not to trust anymore women and closes the door to his soul becoming even more bitter, lonely and insecure.

It is my point to warn you about the consequences of carrying any beliefs, attitudes or behaviors that will lead to a Tragedy Number 2 and beyond.

So how can we prevent this before it happens?

My personal advice is for you to record a personal diary of all the events in your day where you feel like you’ve had to compromise your actions, thinking or communication in order to “protect yourself” or “not offend” someone.

But the most critcal part of this exercise is to also list the TRUTH of what it was you really wanted to say or do in that moment.

This is very important advice because you will find that the traditional Ladies from Russia or the FSU will completely RESPECT your ability to tell the TRUTH and will feel more attraction to you because of it.

I believe it is important for any man in this situation to accept the fact that he needs to completely tear down the feminist indoctrination built up inside of him and to rebuild his identity and self-esteem from scratch by rebuilding what he knows as his OWN PERSONAL TRUTH.

Any man in this situation must accept the fact that change is always hard and yes this is one of the hardest changes in life he will ever do..

However, it can be fueled by his desire to love and be loved by a special woman.  And this in itself is a unique opportunity and powerful motivating force to do things right.

Any Man reading this should accept the fact that no matter what specific advice I give on how to court a Traditional Russian Woman the ABSOLUTE most important advice I can provide FIRST is to re-establish your identity as a Traditional MAN.

And the BEST way to do that is by always acknowledging and expressing the TRUTH.

And this is why it’s important for me to encourage you towards developing a DEEP sense of CLARITY and MOTIVATION about what it is you need to do as a Man for yourself and your future family.

This understanding and your MOTIVATION to do something about it is the foundation and framework for every piece of advice that follows.

Because there’s no use trying to build a new home on top of an old one that already sits on quicksand.

Stay tuned for more..