OK let’s be completely honest here.

We Men are physically attracted to Younger Ladies..

Always have been and always will be..

And this is something that none of us need to make the slightest justification or excuse for because of a very simple reason.

This attraction is completely Hard Wired into our brains.

And there is simply NOTHING that any jaded feminist can say or do to alter this unless of course you actually decide to go into hiding like some poor wimp over some stupid name calling on their part.

Now the evolutionary biologists out there will state that we Men are attracted to Younger Women because we realize that they are still fertile and can bear healthy children etc..

Well I think that’s all nice and good but in reality the things I’m sure we notice most are the way Beautiful Younger Women LOOK, SOUND and make us FEEL.

On some deeper level we Men are looking for a relationship which doesn’t entail keeping our guard up anymore. We are looking for a gentle confidant and lover who we hope to someday take as our wife.

We do this simply because.. 

Men instinctively look for Women who are SUPPORTERS and NOT COMPETITORS.

And younger women with their eyes and hearts more optimistically open to the world are a natural fit for this.

Now I’d like to add that when I refer to “Younger Woman” I might also be able to refer to even a Lady in her early to mid 30’s who still values her youthful appearance, fitness and mentality.

It’s been my experience that women like this are more the exception rather then the rule but they do exist.

So here’s the most important point of this post.

The “Younger” the Woman is that you are attracted to…

(let’s pretend in the 19 to 25 year range)

Then the MORE you need to be able to carry yourself as a Traditional, Strong, Cultivated and Masculine Man.

The reverse also holds much truth.

That’s because in general the older a woman is..

The less critical she will be of your initial appearance, lack of cultural knowledge or even communication skills.

This type of older woman will likely have much more patience in trying to understand what your inner character is like.

Now this statement is NOT meant to be taken as a sanctioning on my part for not taking the effort to ALWAYS improve yourself on these levels.

However it is meant to simply tell you the realities of how an Older Woman will evaluate you as opposed to a Younger one.

Older Women certainly understand that the clock is ticking and that her options for finding a desirable mate are fading with it.

And within that context she will certainly put more or her own energy into lighting that “fusion reactor” of love that she hopes will bond the two of you together.

With this in mind let’s get back to the main point of our discussion and talk about what younger Russian / FSU Women expect from you as a Man.

“Younger” Russian or FSU Women have much stricter appearance and mannerism standards for any Men who are interested in them.

These Young Ladies have attraction buttons in their heads that are greatly driven by instinct and emotional triggers as opposed to the logical checklist that any Man tends to have.

They are also raised the Old Fashioned way and believe that a “Good Man” will have traditional habits of chivalry and self-appearance firmly in place and that any Man who deviates from this is someone to avoid.

A “Good Man” in their eyes is someone who is not only willing to take charge of any situation..

But he must also LOOK and ACT like he is willing to take charge of any situation.

And this directly feeds into a woman’s subconscious and hard wired desire of only wanting to conceive children with “Strong Men”.

Let me provide a different way for you to understand this by giving you a historical example.

From the 1900’s to 1950’s America was a pretty conservative nation as far as personal appearances were concerned.

Non-coincidentally.. American Women during this period were also more feminine and family oriented.

Now let’s pretend that you went through the effort to build a time machine.

And you did this in order to go back to the 1950’s to meet the beautiful girl next door that you always dreamed about.

So as you are making preparations to take the jump ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you go back to that time period dressed as you are now?
  • Would you go back and communicate to your 1950’s girl using the same slang or modern phrases you use now?

Now if you answered yes to any of these questions..


You see for every time travel movie I have ever seen..

I have noticed that the time travellers did their best to dress and act the part for the
period they were landing in.

And guess what Gentlemen?

It’s exactly the same deal when you come to traditional parts of Russia or the FSU..

But in this case you are not just fantasizing about a time machine..

You are stepping off a plane and literally going back to a time where women are made of much purer stock then they are now..

And being able to successfully date and court a woman like this is certainly worth the effort you put into demonstrating yourself as a REAL and Traditional Man.

Here’s another point to ponder.

For every successful Younger Woman & Older Man relationship I’ve seen in this part of the world it was clearly the Man who provided the primary leadership and the take charge attitude.

I’ve seen Older Men who failed to demonstrate these skills effectively and instead fell into the trap of trying to impress a Younger Girl with his money.

And you can probably guess just how “happily ever after” that story ended up being..

So let’s talk about a better example instead.

A few months back one of my closest Russian friends just got married to an absolute Pure Siberian Beauty who is 20+ years younger then him.  

True Ladies like her are not the type of women you can easily impress and hope to win over quickly..

From the start my friend realized what he was dealing with and had to demonstrate a great deal of confidence, patience and class.

What he did and how he did it is what any man should do if he wants the same great results. 

And we will finally start getting into the details of this in our following posts.

But like I’ve said before..

Your ability to court and hold onto any beautiful Russian or FSU Woman of quality is in direct relation to the traditional masculine values and behaviors that you hold within your own identity.