I was at an Internet cafe the other day and noticed something worth sharing with you.

Seated next to me in the next computer cubicle was a very lovely lady in her mid 20’s.

Now because we were seated so closely to each other and because there was only a tiny partition between each cubicle… Everyone could easily see what everybody else was doing.

Now let me say first off that I respect people’s privacy but when you are in this situation it’s pretty hard NOT to see what the other person is doing on their computer.

Anyways this lady was busy navigating her way through an American dating site and corresponding with a gentlemen who had listed his profile online.

Now even though I personally believe that there is no real substitute for actually going out into the world and meeting prospective dates in person..

I’m not blind to the fact that this is still a positive thing since the spread of the internet gives a growing number of these ladies more chances to expand their relationship choices beyond their hometown.

Now seeing any lady in an internet cafe combing through online profiles of men outside her own country is certainly nothing new.

In fact it seems that whenever I come into one of these cafes the majority of the girls browsing the web are usually on one of these sites.

Now what was interesting about this particular moment was watching the amount of effort and patience this lady had as she worked on her correspondence.

It was interesting because see she was doing her best to type this email in ENGLISH..

One extremely slow hunt and peck letter at a time.

Armed only with an English to Russian dictionary sitting on her lap.. this woman was completely determined to do her best to communicate to this man in his own native language.

I openly thought to myself just how many Men out there could or would do the same for any woman over here?

I just occasionally observed her and really respected what she was attempting to do because it must have taken nearly an hour for her to compose just one small paragraph.

But even with all of this.. there wasn’t the slightest sign of fatigue or frustration on her beautiful face.

Just a dogged determination to get through this in-order to not keep her potential suitor waiting too long for her message.

Now when you witness something like this I believe its pretty normal to make some conclusions as to what this lady’s overall character is like.

First off..

You truly hope that she finds someone that makes her happy and with whom she can start a family with because she certainly deserves it.


You realize that if she puts this kind of effort into even the simplest correspondence then she’s probably going to have a similar level of patience, determination and dedication towards her future husband and children.

In any-case this lady and I coincidentally ended up finishing our business at the same time.

She went to the cashier first.. paid for her online minutes.. and then put on her heavy winter coat, scarf, head cover and gloves..

When she was finished she then pulled open the solid metal double paneled door which protected the room from the elements outside and made her exit.

I did the same and followed her out only a few seconds later.

As I went outside I found myself standing on a street corner just watching this lady with respect and wonder as she briskly walked on the thick sheets of ice which sat on top of the broken-up sidewalk below.

And without any effort she traversed this obstacle course while wearing a fashionable pair of immaculately polished high heeled winter boots.

She was trying to make her way home as she exhaled a uniform trail of small puffy white clouds which quickly dissipated into the subzero air.

A delicate and feminine figure disappearing down the street..

..and into the frozen darkness of the night.