March 2008


I hope all of you are lucky enough to be invited into the humble but loving home of a Russian Woman and her family.

It will truly be a moment “you’ll never forget”.

So let me go back in time a little and share with you something that “I’ll never forget”.

On the 1st evening of my arrival into Siberia I was invited to attend our lovely Inessa’s mother’s home for supper.

This was the first time I’d ever been inside a normal Russian home and my first mental challenge was to get accustomed to the minuscule living space of the entire flat.

Upon my entrance Inessa guided me into a short narrow hallway that probably had the floor volume of a single person mattress if you had placed it on the floor.

I followed as she quickly turned the corner and I encountered a kitchen that was about the size of a small office cubicle for a single person.

Tiny sink, narrow and squat refrigerator, a dish pantry that looked more suitable in a child’s miniature doll house, and a small wooden kitchen table that reminded me of the old fold up card playing tables that used to be popular once upon a time for boy’s night.

Inessa’s beautiful mother Natalia was in the midst of finishing off her cooking and greeted me with a level of warmth reserved only for family and long lost visits from old friends.


I’m very pleased to see the following article in Bloomberg after all of the slanted and biased press that Russian and FSU Women seemed to have been getting for such a long time.

March 28 (Bloomberg) — When Nick Wilsdon met his Russian wife, Anna, on the Internet, friends teased him about his mail- order bride. Turns out, he was a mail-order husband.

Three years after first exchanging e-mails with Anna on an online dating site, the Web designer from England’s south coast made the 2,200-mile trek to Ivanovo, Russia’s “City of Brides.” He and Anna are now expecting their first child.

The Ivanovo region has the highest ratio of women to men in Russia, a legacy of the Soviet textile mills that imported female workers from across the country. The city, which once helped marriage bureaus recruit young women for foreign spouses, is now enticing residents to stay and raise families. That’s fuelling a baby boom as Russia struggles to stem a population decline.

Now it’s great to see coverage like this about a particular Russian city but keep in mind that Ivanovo is not the only place with a large ratio imbalance of Women to Men.  You can travel most anywhere in the entire FSU and easily witness this for yourself.


Greetings Everyone,

I’ve been especially impressed with the quality and depth of the latest discussions being initiated by some of you.

You individuals have deep insight and important points to convey in your posts and I of course greatly appreciate all of the wisdom that you have to share collectively.

For example, these last few threads related to the disastrous consequences of competition within a marriage is quite valuable and I’m sure large numbers of our readers will benefit greatly from the various points made.

We are getting a growing number of comments posted and I may not be able to answer all of them in a timely manner since I’m trying to focus on providing as much quality content for you as possible.

Please do not think that I’m ignoring anything that’s said here because on the contrary I’m glued to my PC following every aspect of this blog just like many of you it seems.

Because of this I feel a special responsibility to move this site forward as much as possible and that simply means that like all of us I have a little prioritization to do.

In the meantime many of you are stepping up to the plate and taking up the slack with your own written inspirations which I enthusiastically encourage you to do.


I completely understand that traveling to Russia or the FSU is NOT the easiest thing in the world to do.

Everyone has commitments to their studies, work or business and I know that it can be very hard to step off the fast moving treadmill of life in order to seek love and adventure halfway around the world.

These problem are further compounded by the obvious logistical issues associated with time, money and lack of local knowledge.

Or in other words..

Once you step off the plane for the first time you might be asking yourself.

“Well I’m in Russia.. What the hell do I do now?”

Well Gentlemen relax..

Because everyone goes through this and this is why they call it an “adventure”.

And this is why anyone who actually comes out here deserves some respect in my book..

You guys obviously know that you will NOT be taking the weekend trip to Vegas.. or the 4 day vacation special to Hawaii..

You will be traveling into the mostly decaying remains of a once proud and fallen socialist empire.

You are taking a time machine into an enigmatic past along with all of the intrigue and mystery that goes with it.

And you take this chance of a lifetime in the hopes of meeting a woman who inspires you and makes you “feel alive”.

So with this in mind..



I just got done reading a pretty disparaging article about how big the Russian Mafia Online Dating Scam Industry is…

And it’s NOT a “Pretty Picture”…

Even if the entire scam process itself is launched with thousands of images of beautiful women floating around on the internet.

You’ve already heard the stories I’m sure but here’s what a major British Newspaper, the Daily Mail is reporting.

Thousands of people, including many lonely and gullible British men, have lost large amounts of money after entering into correspondence with women on websites, naively beguiled by their warm words, suggestive chat and the sexy pictures they attach to their emails.

When they were asked to send money, which the women claimed was needed for British visas or to buy tickets for travel to Britain, the men readily agreed.

They never saw the money or heard from the women again.

In a final humiliating twist, they found out, usually far too late, that many of the sensuous “women” with whom they had been corresponding were actually men – part of one of the many sinister Russian mafia rings making a fortune out of such scams


We had our first dose of gorgeous sunshine and clear skies today.

Cool scented breezes..

Chirping birds emerging from their sanctuaries..

And a childlike sense of optimism and wonder as one starts to experience the full onset of Mother Nature in all of her glorious beauty and energy.

Glorious Beauty and Energy indeed..

Mother Nature clearly has her moments..

And I can tell you that encountering these beautiful maiden sisters in the springtime would certainly be one them.

Please extend your warmest welcome to Lena and Luda…




I think the most impressive thing is to hear her actually speak. Looking at a picture is one thing, but to get a sense of who she is spoke to me the most.


Well as finally promised we are posting more videos of Mascha answering some earlier questions that were submitted from an earlier post.

Thanks to all of you for being patient..

But most of all thanks to Mascha for volunteering her time and energy for all of us.


I’m happy to announce that our lovely friend Mascha has returned.

She’s looking forward to communicating with all of us again with her interesting insights and charming commentary.

It’s great to have her wonderful personality back.

Not to mention her ability to grace this blog with such sublime beauty.

Feel free to give her a friendly hello.

In the meantime here are some long awaited photos to see…




As you should know by now there is nothing more vile or disgusting to me then to see the term “Mail Order Brides” being propagated on the Internet and within our own Culture.

NO WOMAN by virtue of her country of origin deserves to be labeled as a cheap commodity to be traded or sold.

This is ESPECIALLY the case for the Russian and FSU Ladies that I have come to adore and respect with all of my heart.

In my mind this term is far worse then any racist slur that can be directed towards any group or nationality.

It should be completely obvious that ANY COMPANY that wishes to market itself by using the “Mail Order Bride” Term is trying to paint a fraudulent and deceitful picture as to what is required to create a successful marriage and family.

Worse yet..

I firmly believe that any Company that uses the “Mail Order Bride” term is trying to attract the worst possible candidates for marriage on both sides of the ocean.

They are doing this for the sole purpose of maximizing their subscription fee sales by giving false hopes to the widest number of Men possible.

This is a very destructive business model that will only lead to more broken hearts, cynicism, and soul killing loneliness for countless numbers of people.

Any company that uses “Mail Order Brides” in their marketing is giving you the biggest RED FLAG possible to avoid doing business with them.

So on that note here is a simple top 10 list from Google of companies that promote themselves in this manner. There are numerous more as you can see from the total site count and you can easily do your own research to find the rest.

I kindly urge you to respect these ladies and most importantly to respect yourself as a Man by refusing to play this game and not falling for this degrading trap.

Thank You..



God I love it..

But I certainly feel sorry for the poor bastards who find themselves faced with this most dangerous Ukrainian Secret Weapon…

I don’t know where this photo came from..

But apparently this is some type of military day parade showcasing a squad of lovely and sexy Ukrainian Ladies in “full dress” and in marching formation.

Hmm I think it’s time to take a “vacation” to the Ukraine sometime soon..

Any of you guys been there and seen anything like this?


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