This Saturday.. March 8th Gentlemen.

MAKE SURE you congratulate EVERY Russian Woman or FSU Lady that you know and simply tell her the following..

“Congratulations and Happy Woman’s Day!”

(Carefully notice the sincere joy and appreciation that is returned to you with something so simple as this.)

OK that’s the bare minimum to start with.

Now the actual tradition usually has Men volunteering to do the cooking and cleaning for one day along with a affectionate dose of flowers, gifts or a dinner date at some nice restaurant.

But whatever you do keep in mind that for a Russian Woman this day is BIGGER and MORE IMPORTANT then even Valentines Day.

If there are no men around then the women will congratulate themselves with their own little party and sometimes give gifts to each other. This is very typical in any workplace where there are mostly women present.

Any man present in this situation is expected to play the role of the host who will keep their glasses filled and their plates occupied with fruit slices, cakes or other sweets. Vodka, Cognac and Wine are also very popular drinks during this event as well and frequent glowing toasts are given towards each other in honor of these great, humble and incredibly hardworking ladies.

The women in this gathering may even ask any gentlemen present to serenade them with a traditional song.

Many Russian men already know this so on this day you might see any number of men carrying guitars to their workplace or offices.

On more then a few occasions I’ve been personally asked to sing to a group of Russian Ladies for Woman’s Day and I was more then happy to oblige them.

They certainly deserve it and this is the time when you put any possible feelings of embarrassment or awkwardness aside and give them your heart and soul.

So if you really want to surprise the heck out of your Russian Lady on Woman’s Day..

Sing for her.

Believe me.. You will probably be more surprised at the genuine warmth and appreciation that is returned right back at you.

If this sounds “old fashioned” in anyway well then let me just be completely unapologetic and say.

“Yes it is..”

Because if you want a “Traditional Woman” in your life then be prepared to do a few things to be that “Traditional Man” that she is looking for too.

The best relationships I’ve seen happens when the man and woman can both operate on this traditional level and show deep gratitude and respect towards each other for it.

I’ve often said that coming to Russia is like stepping into a time machine..

As with all things it has it’s pluses and minuses.

But as far as the local Women are concerned you’d have to be pretty blind not to see the overwhelming benefits that “going back” to this time presents.

So on that note..

Let me just say that it’s my sincere wish for all of you Gentlemen to have this experience because I know that you will be forever changed by it.

I believe that you will feel the biggest impact when you realize that you have touched a beautiful and longing woman’s heart with your kindness and sincerity.

And perhaps this is the real purpose and meaning behind Woman’s Day.

In any case I believe that if you do this then at some point in your life you will look back at this adventure and quietly think to yourself.

“A happier and simpler time indeed.”