Now normally I try to keep things on a tame level when I feel like I need to hand out a healthy dose of criticism towards American Women.

But when I received a viewer comment yesterday about Western Women it just really clicked and the reality of it refused to lie still.

Now if you remember in our previous post “NEWS FLASH! Beautiful Russian Girls in the Mainstream Press” I took offense with Anne Applebaum’s contention that most Russian Women only became beautiful when they acquired enough money and free access to fashionable products to transform themselves from

“Unglamorous Assembly Line Workers”…

into the

“extraordinarily, unbelievably, stunningly, and gorgeous”…

…Russian women that she saw from the mid 90’s on.

One of our readers graciously wrote in the following comment about this state of affairs from his vantage point.

Women in the West are NEVER going to want to see these (Russian) women coming their way.

They will marginalize them any way they can. If it weren’t for the Sharapova’s a Western man might believe them, but you can’t deny the picture you posted (of her beauty) and noted the (lack of) clothing and make up.

Western women WANT to make this about materialism, it is the only value they appreciate.

They WANT to believe that clothing and make up can cover the distance between what they have become and the obvious stunning beauty that is available in the FSU.

I am around single women’s groups a lot, and they detonate if the subject of women from anywhere comes up.


Now when I read this it was easy to be reminded of the American Women back in my own life who had demonstrated these unfortunate characteristics all too well.

I was even thinking about sharing some personal examples of this when I realized that there was a much more simpler and vivid example I could use that everyone should instantly recognize and still drive home the point.

An example of a Woman that we all know who also possessed a toxic brew of VANITY and ENVY directed towards other women.

So does anyone know who this lady is?


Now even as I laugh putting up these images and even-though I know this example may seem silly..

It still seems like this is increasingly becoming the accepted behavioral norm as far as American Women are concerned.

But is it really true that their identities are becoming more like this?

Well by the very virtue of asking this question I guess we can say that there will always be a few grains of truth in all things..

But in this particular case the volume of truth about this unfortunate transformation for American Women would probably be enough to fill a few gigantic grain elevators down on the farm..

In any case the next time you hear some Western Woman openly ragging on Russian or FSU Women..

Just try to keep the above pictures in mind.

Poison apple anyone?