As you should know by now there is nothing more vile or disgusting to me then to see the term “Mail Order Brides” being propagated on the Internet and within our own Culture.

NO WOMAN by virtue of her country of origin deserves to be labeled as a cheap commodity to be traded or sold.

This is ESPECIALLY the case for the Russian and FSU Ladies that I have come to adore and respect with all of my heart.

In my mind this term is far worse then any racist slur that can be directed towards any group or nationality.

It should be completely obvious that ANY COMPANY that wishes to market itself by using the “Mail Order Bride” Term is trying to paint a fraudulent and deceitful picture as to what is required to create a successful marriage and family.

Worse yet..

I firmly believe that any Company that uses the “Mail Order Bride” term is trying to attract the worst possible candidates for marriage on both sides of the ocean.

They are doing this for the sole purpose of maximizing their subscription fee sales by giving false hopes to the widest number of Men possible.

This is a very destructive business model that will only lead to more broken hearts, cynicism, and soul killing loneliness for countless numbers of people.

Any company that uses “Mail Order Brides” in their marketing is giving you the biggest RED FLAG possible to avoid doing business with them.

So on that note here is a simple top 10 list from Google of companies that promote themselves in this manner. There are numerous more as you can see from the total site count and you can easily do your own research to find the rest.

I kindly urge you to respect these ladies and most importantly to respect yourself as a Man by refusing to play this game and not falling for this degrading trap.

Thank You..