I completely understand that traveling to Russia or the FSU is NOT the easiest thing in the world to do.

Everyone has commitments to their studies, work or business and I know that it can be very hard to step off the fast moving treadmill of life in order to seek love and adventure halfway around the world.

These problem are further compounded by the obvious logistical issues associated with time, money and lack of local knowledge.

Or in other words..

Once you step off the plane for the first time you might be asking yourself.

“Well I’m in Russia.. What the hell do I do now?”

Well Gentlemen relax..

Because everyone goes through this and this is why they call it an “adventure”.

And this is why anyone who actually comes out here deserves some respect in my book..

You guys obviously know that you will NOT be taking the weekend trip to Vegas.. or the 4 day vacation special to Hawaii..

You will be traveling into the mostly decaying remains of a once proud and fallen socialist empire.

You are taking a time machine into an enigmatic past along with all of the intrigue and mystery that goes with it.

And you take this chance of a lifetime in the hopes of meeting a woman who inspires you and makes you “feel alive”.

So with this in mind..

It’s a pretty good idea to find a few travel buddies.

Check out the site called travbuddy.

It looks like a pretty solid way to find someone who may be traveling to the same city as you and I recommend that you check it out.

Now some of you might be traveling to meet someone you’ve met online or others might be coming here just to explore things on your own without any preconditions.

In either case finding travel buddies to do this with is still a solid idea as long as you allow each other private time to do what’s needed to meet ladies and go out on dates.

If any of you have ever gone scuba diving before then you can easily compare what I’m talking about to a diving excursion.

A popular diving excursion for example may have half a dozen or more divers on a boat heading out to some exotic dive location.

All divers pair up with their “Dive Buddy” and then take the big splash into the deep blue..  (or deep green if you prefer cold water diving like in California instead..)

Each Dive Buddy pair will naturally go off into their own separate directions.

And even the two guys within a single dive buddy pair might give themselves lots of space and do some solo exploring as long as they are still in visual contact with each other.

If they lose sight of each other then they are supposed to slowly head to the surface while spinning 360 degrees searching for their buddy in all directions.  Once they reach the surface they are supposed to float and wait for their other buddy to appear who is also trained to do the same thing.

Now you don’t have to do anything quite as dramatic as this as long as you get a mobile phone first thing when you land here.   Keep in mind that many North American mobile phones will not work here so just bite the bullet and get a new one because this will be one of the most important tools and safety nets you’ll have.  So don’t forget this..

So to continue with our scuba diving analogy..

Many scuba divers will prefer to go diving with an experienced “dive master” who can show them around the familiar sites.  Obviously in the case of traveling to Russia this “dive master” will be your local interpreter that you will need to hire.

I would personally recommend trying to get an attractive and outgoing interpreter that matches the age group and general appearance of the ladies you are trying to seek.

This interpreter will be extraordinarily valuable to you on this trip so take good care of her.

If you are dealing with an agency who has hired an interpreter for you go ahead and pay her yourself in order to quickly neutralize any potential agency scams or conflicts of interests.  I’d recommend $50 dollars per day or more if she works hard and can be your guide even during late hours.  Obviously don’t forget to pay for her meals or any of her taxi fees.

Don’t be afraid to switch interpreters if you find one with a stronger trust factor or good social network that’s more to your liking.  Because quickly establishing trust and getting into the best available social network should be one of your primary goals.

Side note:

There can be some interesting advantages in hiring a local man to be your interpreter.

A local man’s perspective can be EXTREMELY useful when you are socializing and dating in this part of the world.  In general he will be more upfront with you and will tell you What and What NOT to do in any situation… where as a proper lady interpreter may sometimes be too polite to let you know if you are “screwing up”.

He will know how to be bold, flirt and pour on the charm in order to break the ice and I assure you he can probably do this better then 95% of the Men in the West.

True he won’t be beautiful arm candy at your side which is obviously desirable in many cases just from a unique experiential point of view..

But he can be a very effective “hired gun” if you manage to get the right guy.

End Side Note..

Ok so back to our Scuba Diving party..

When your group has completed it’s various jaunts and excursions for the day then it would be smart to all meet up on deck somewhere and pow wow about the day’s events.  You can all compare notes and save lots of valuable time and energy preparing for your next day’s diving activities.

Starting to see the value in all of this now?

Good.. I thought so..

So go ahead and give this travbuddy site a shot because the last time I checked there were about 1700 people signed up who were wanting to go to Russia.

Good luck..