Greetings Everyone,

I’ve been especially impressed with the quality and depth of the latest discussions being initiated by some of you.

You individuals have deep insight and important points to convey in your posts and I of course greatly appreciate all of the wisdom that you have to share collectively.

For example, these last few threads related to the disastrous consequences of competition within a marriage is quite valuable and I’m sure large numbers of our readers will benefit greatly from the various points made.

We are getting a growing number of comments posted and I may not be able to answer all of them in a timely manner since I’m trying to focus on providing as much quality content for you as possible.

Please do not think that I’m ignoring anything that’s said here because on the contrary I’m glued to my PC following every aspect of this blog just like many of you it seems.

Because of this I feel a special responsibility to move this site forward as much as possible and that simply means that like all of us I have a little prioritization to do.

In the meantime many of you are stepping up to the plate and taking up the slack with your own written inspirations which I enthusiastically encourage you to do.

This is because there is no doubt that your continued and impassioned participation serves as the key catalyst for the growth and evolution of this blog.  And as I read what some of you have posted there are many moments when my intuition tells me that we are close to achieving a breakthrough in our ability to reach out to many others who are in real need of a different perspective in life.

We have yet to know exactly how these breakthroughs will materialize but we do know that it will only serve to generate more momentum and validation to help us honor what is in our hearts in order to start a realistic quest for true and lasting love.

We certainly have our work cut out for us because for now we are still in the minority and the forces of ignorance, apathy and scorn are always around the corner.

Most of us intimately understand these adversaries but we dare not bow our heads, retreat or express even the slightest apologies for what we know is right for our own identities as Men.

We will take our stand and make no excuses because we are addressing one of the most critical issues of our time and that is the stability and happiness that we wish to collectively create for ourselves and our future families.

The majority of us are Men who simply understand that for every ounce of hard work and dedication we put into building our lives up..

We must be equally vigilant with whom we choose to share our labors of love with.

Many of us once believed that finding a True Lady who could compliment and inspire us to a higher level of True Manhood was a fools dream.

But now with the existence of this worthy gathering we now have a budding sanctuary and training ground for like minded and free thinking individuals who refuse to accept the destructive status-quo of Western Society along with the anti-family direction that it has tragically taken.

We will continue to create a free market of ideas where the open exchange of two of the most valuable commodity in life are justifiably promoted..

And that would simply be…

  • Hope & Optimism

Gentlemen, we have a real opportunity to strengthen our vision of the world by strengthening ourselves simply by defining our own path and actually walking it.

And I know from experience that real magic happens when you finally decide to walk a path that’s true.

Because only at this point will you finally see a beautiful woman walking besides you..

Who is true for you..

Now clearly we Men do not hold any monopoly on walking this line.

And this is why I want to make a special point to also welcome a significant number of you like minded Western and FSU Ladies who also wish to stand and deliver.

You Ladies are here for an equally important reason and it is my hope that what continues to come forth from this site will also be of much value with your own quest for real..

  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Understanding

All of which are firmly rooted within the enduring Beauty, Allure and Mystery of a Woman’s Feminine Soul.

As a Man, I could never dream of teaching you these things.

But as a Man, I can hope to stir you to remember what they are.

Because after all..

You were born with them.

Just as much as everyone of us Men are intentionally encoded with a wide spectrum of impulses and desires which all lead us to you.

And this is a simple but profound beauty which all of us must protect..

Because in the final analysis..

It is the only thing which protects all of us.

– GL