April 2008

I wanted to include some nice photos that were taken by a few friends of mine.

As usual I hope you enjoy the slices of life that they show in this part of the world.


This remarkable video shows a Russian Woman’s Choir performing in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk.

It’s fantastic to see the traditional identities of these inspiring ladies just beaming through during their performance.

And it’s worth noting that the emotions I felt watching it completely reminded me of just how awed I was when I first arrived and started to experience this deep and powerful ocean of femininity for the first time.

If anything.. what you are about to see is a good microcosm for some of the brilliant facets of female grace, beauty and magnificence I’ve personally been touched with over here..

And it’s a greatness with which I can only attempt to convey.

So enjoy..

And please excuse me while I go crash my ship into the rocks now…

There are conflicting reports going back and forth about President Putin divorcing his wife to be with a famous 24 years old gymnast from the former Soviet country of Uzbekistan.

Although I’m not surprised by this because this can be quite common here.. I am surprised that this story has hit the public the way it has.

President Putin who is 55 is reported to be in a serious relationship with Ms. Alina Kabaeva who is 31 years his junior.

If this happened in the US then the explosive scandal it would create would be beyond huge.  But here in the FSU it’s treated with celebrity fascination.

Here is what one of the articles says..

So, Mr Putin, what do you see in this nubile 24-year-old rhythmic gymnast?
– By Richard Pendlebury

This is the kind of question Mrs Merton might ask:

“So, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, what do you see in a 24-year-old, sensationally beautiful gymnast with a penchant for posing semi-naked that you don’t see in your lovely, middle-aged, matronly wife Ludmilla?”

It is also the kind of question that hardly needs answering for the millions who have tuned in to the YouTube film of Alina Kabaeva performing a decidedly provocative gymnastic routine.

This sudden frenzied interest in a woman who, until yesterday, was frankly a rather obscure Russian athlete, comes after a Moscow newspaper reported that Mr Putin recently split with Ludmilla and is preparing to marry the young and very pretty Miss Kabaeva.

Mr Putin today appeared to relish being linked to a beautiful gymnast less than half his age as he gave a press conference alongside Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi – himself no stranger to allegations of womanising.

Denying the claims of a divorce and marriage plans, 55-year-old Mr Putin seemed to enjoy playing up the image of a ladies’ man.

“In other publications of the same type, the names of other successful, beautiful young women from Russia are mentioned,” he said. “I think it won’t be unexpected if I say that I like them all – just as I like all Russian women.”

He called women of his homeland “the most talented and beautiful” in the world – adding diplomatically: “If anyone can compete, it may be only Italian women.”

One of the most important aspects of traveling anywhere is your ability to develop what I have repeatedly called your “social network”.

Now sightseeing on it’s own is always nice..

But the value of creating important contacts and friendships from another part of the world will always outlast the attention span given to any snapshots you may occasionally glance at.

Being able to meet and develop friendships anywhere has varying degrees of difficulties due to differences in culture, language, and surroundings.  And visiting Russia or the FSU certainly qualifies as being more on the “interesting” side of this challenge.

And this is why so many Agencies and Tour Groups are available out there.

And while these outfits serve the purpose of getting you familiarized with any country to various degrees there is still one very important point to consider.

The more “protected” you are the less ability you’ll have towards meeting “Real people”.

“Real People” who will interact with you without any agenda because they simply never imagined meeting you before.


I was totally grinning when I read this article today.

I hope you will too..

To Russia for Love

War and alcoholism have taken their toll on Russia’s male population, and women are turning their gaze to the eligible bachelors of the UK, finds Richard Spillett

Tuesday April 8th 2008

Are British men on the run from Britain’s pint-downing, liberated women?

While in the realm of political rhetoric Britain and Russia seem to be renewing old rivalries, relations on the ground have never been better. The global market is finally coming to Moscow, and when it comes to husbands, Russian women have started buying British.



Unless you want to wait another year or more to roll around until you finally travel to Russia or the FSU..

Then NOW is the time for you to get your affairs in order to take the big jump.

Spring has come early and the weather is perfect right now for your excursion.

Travel season is upon us and the window of opportunity for suitable weather is from now till the end of September.

The girls here are very happy to start their seasonal change of clothes away from all of their layers of winter ware.  So the happy parade of jeans and mini-skirts are already out in the open.

And believe me you do not want to miss one of the greatest wonders in the world and not see these women at their peak level of beauty, sexiness, and enthusiasm.

They are certainly proud of it.

And if you are able to pay us a visit and see this for yourself..

Then you will be too.


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