Unless you want to wait another year or more to roll around until you finally travel to Russia or the FSU..

Then NOW is the time for you to get your affairs in order to take the big jump.

Spring has come early and the weather is perfect right now for your excursion.

Travel season is upon us and the window of opportunity for suitable weather is from now till the end of September.

The girls here are very happy to start their seasonal change of clothes away from all of their layers of winter ware.  So the happy parade of jeans and mini-skirts are already out in the open.

And believe me you do not want to miss one of the greatest wonders in the world and not see these women at their peak level of beauty, sexiness, and enthusiasm.

They are certainly proud of it.

And if you are able to pay us a visit and see this for yourself..

Then you will be too.


(photo by dimitry c)