One of the most important aspects of traveling anywhere is your ability to develop what I have repeatedly called your “social network”.

Now sightseeing on it’s own is always nice..

But the value of creating important contacts and friendships from another part of the world will always outlast the attention span given to any snapshots you may occasionally glance at.

Being able to meet and develop friendships anywhere has varying degrees of difficulties due to differences in culture, language, and surroundings.  And visiting Russia or the FSU certainly qualifies as being more on the “interesting” side of this challenge.

And this is why so many Agencies and Tour Groups are available out there.

And while these outfits serve the purpose of getting you familiarized with any country to various degrees there is still one very important point to consider.

The more “protected” you are the less ability you’ll have towards meeting “Real people”.

“Real People” who will interact with you without any agenda because they simply never imagined meeting you before.

If for example you have the ability to visit Russia for other purposes then to solely “find women” then I know that you are probably going to have an easier time meeting genuine people from all walks of life.

People who you will be just as curious about you as you are about them.

People who wish to share their lives and hospitality with you.

And of course..

People who can give you the all important introductions to various ladies that they or their friends personally know.

This is especially the case if they see you as a cultivated and traditional Gentleman..

If you do this then you are going to find that many of these people would be more then happy to play matchmaker for you.

More often then not they know of some “good girl” who is truly deserving of a “good husband”…  and you just may be the one to fit the bill.

In case you have a hard time believing this because it sounds too “simple” or straightforward then ponder this..

It really can be this clear and simple culturally speaking.

This is because these people (especially older ones) firmly understand both the stages and the limitations of life and they wouldn’t think twice about helping a deserving woman they are friendly with to find a good husband.

There is joy in finding love and there is also much joy in helping others to find it too.

And this is one of those wonderful principles that brings much happiness and meaning to one’s existence.  And these people understand this.

So remember what I said earlier about having another reason to visit Russia or the FSU in order to find more genuine experiences?

Well these reasons can provide an additional purpose for your visit and in doing so can make it that much easier for you to socialize with the right groups you wish to connect with.

Or in other words it’s the difference between introducing yourself in one of the following ways..

Method 1: “Hi my name is John, and I’m here to meet women and to find a wife!”


Method 2: “Hi my name is John and I’m here doing (business / volunteer) work for the “XYZ Foundation” back in New York….”

Are you starting to get all of this?


Because, the first introduction could easily raise suspicion or disbelief and repel people.

The second introduction shows that you have purpose and people are almost always magnetically attracted to this and wish to find out more.

Here’s another important point to this post..

Imagine if you visited a different city in YOUR OWN Country and introduced yourself in the examples I gave previously…

How would you expect to be received with either Method 1 or 2?

So the conclusion is clear.

The more “normalcy” you can introduce into the purpose of your visit..

The more “normal” and natural your dating experience will be..

So because of this I would highly recommend developing either a solid business or volunteering reason for traveling to this part of the world.  There are a million different business ideas floating around so I won’t get into it for now.  But I found a possible starting point for anyone who may wish to consider the volunteering route.

Check out this site called Cross Cultural Solutions.

(If any of you knows of anything else along these lines then please share them.)

Someone sent me a link on them so I don’t know anything personally about them but it’s interesting to see that they offer different types of volunteer programs into Russia.

Now please don’t get me wrong..

Being a tourist is great and it’s something that we all do.

But if you want to be and be seen as someone with an admirable mission, purpose and direction then I would suggest you go for it and lead the way..

Because when you do..

I’m sure you will find a lovely and special someone who is willing to follow you.