Take a look at this news clip because it is especially noteworthy for a number of reasons.

It illustrates the all too common harsh realities of life that a young lady like this faces growing up in a Russian Village.  (And keep in mind that there are thousands of villages just like this one in the FSU.)

  • No father or mother.
  • Long Russian Winters.
  • Lack of running water in her village which means that children need to fill their containers up at the local pump and then cart it back home on sleds.
  • Lack of basic infrastructure.
  • Poverty and Decay
  • Environmental Pollution.

However this video also shows just how quickly this young lady has grown up and risen to the challenge not just for herself but for all those around her as well.   Pay attention to the absolute stoicism on her face as she manages to accomplish this.

To the outsider the character and strength demonstrated by this young Russian Woman may seem like a rare exception.

But I know better..

And it’s only because I have seen so many Russian Women who exhibit this type of fortitude and determination in the face of such odds.

And it’s been a real privilege to know them.