I believe that the biggest mistake that any Man can make in regards to a relationship with a Russian or FSU Woman is to naively look at it as a simple “transaction”.

Actually let me correct myself on that..

The dumbest thing that any Man can do in regards to Russian Women is to see them as a willing commodity to be picked up on a whim.

Now I KNOW that none of our readers would think of these Women in this regard..

BUT it’s still worth mentioning so that we all understand that going down to our local supermarket to pick out one of these Special Ladies is NOT an option.

So you may be wondering what a REAL Relationship with a Russian Woman is all about.

Well one of the WISEST things I’ve ever heard about Traditional Russian Women is this..

Traditional Women like these who are truly in touch with their identities…

ABSOLUTELY WANT to have a Life that is solidly built like a HOME.

And the perfect HOME for them has FIVE very important rooms to it.

The 1st Room is her desire for an EDUCATION

With this education comes the foundations for pride, self-confidence and her ability to embrace the world.  And personally I LOVE a Woman who is both sexy and has some serious book smarts to her.  Tolstoy anyone?

The 2nd Room is her desire to become a loving WIFE

And yes let me spell that again for anyone who may be a little confused about reality or so liberally inclined.

That’s W.. I.. F.. E..

Because after all a Princess must always find her Prince.  And this my friends will never go out of style no matter what a Culturally Marxist society does to try to tear it down.

(Actually let me clarify this with a little more precision.. It will never go out of style no matter how many scorned, over-ripend, unattractive, bitter, weight-challenged, jealous, single and alienated women scream out within the depths of their own self-denial about a “Fish not needing a Bicycle”.)

The 3rd Room is her desire to become a MOTHER

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..  Perhaps the biggest aspect of Woman-hood is MOTHER-HOOD.  MOTHER Nature had every good reason in the universe to make women into the elegant baby making machines that they are.  And this incredible mechanism sits within the very genetic structure of every cell within a Woman’s body.

(And any Woman who actively denies this part of her identity is probably fulfilling some Darwinian mandate of “survival of the fittest.”  Because obviously..  she sure AIN’T IT in the mental capacity department and it’s probably best that a woman like this has no desire to pass her genes forward)

The 4th Room is her desire for a CAREER

This is where it starts to get tricky.   Because although the pull of mother-hood is strong.. There is another desire that all Women have for self-sufficiency, economic participation and professional / intellectual growth.

I for one fully support any Woman’s drive towards this as long as it doesn’t jeapordize her family’s welfare.

No one said this was an easy balance to strike.. But for some magical reason Russian or FSU Woman knows how to pull this off and that simply makes her all the more valuable.

(And Gentlemen once you see a Russian Lady’s priority towards her family in action you will have ZERO tolerance for the typical excuses that a Western Woman throws at you regarding this issue.  Also keep in mind that for many Western Women this “4th Room” is where the construction project ends due to their short-sighted reach for “Visible Power” and meaningless Material Gain.  There will be no comforting Nursery.. And perhaps not even a shared and warm bedroom for her to sleep in as well.)

The 5th Room is her desire for SELF-FULFILLMENT

This could be any Womanly self-pursuit that is anchored in her Mind, Body and Soul.  Every human being has a right and destiny to reach for the “Better Angels of their Nature”.  The choice is certainly everyone’s to make and it is perhaps one of the most personal decisions possible in relation to choosing your identity.

Wisdom always comes with experience..

And to someday happily stand next to a Lady who is both beautiful and wise as a guardian angel is I believe the dream of every True Man.

Imagine for example that your future Russian lady is already an accomplished pianist or singer and wishes to bless the world with her musical talent.  I don’t know about you but if this situation applied to me I’d be the first one lining up for tickets and smiling all the way..

Ok so you may be asking yourself..

This is all nice and good to know but what in the heck does this have to do with a Relationship with a Russian or FSU Woman?

Well Gentlemen..  The REAL Truth is that it has EVERYTHING to do with it..

Not a little bit..

Not even a lot..


And the Bottom Line is this..

The BIGGEST thing you can do to secure the ABSOLUTE LOVE and DEVOTION of your special Russian Woman is to become a LEAD Construction Partner in helping her to build all FIVE of these rooms.

Now obviously the construction and occupation of these rooms will happen at different times in her life.

Sometimes she will spend a great deal of time in one room while other times it may be more spread out as in Wife, Mother and Career.

But whatever the case is it is your JOB as a Man to mutually lay the foundations down for each of them.

Because each Room will contain a level of appreciation, affection and devotion towards you as a HUSBAND that will go beyond measure.

And this Gentlemen is the sense of Purpose, Satisfaction and Happiness that YOU’VE ALL been looking for.

By always planning ahead on this big picture for her you are practically guaranteeing that the two of you will stay on a happy forward moving path together.

A Traditional Russian or FSU Lady would never dream of leaving you if this construction project was the master plan that you initiated and designed with her.

Indeed she will be EXTREMELY PROTECTIVE of both it and you..

Because this is HER HOME Dammit..

AND You as the MAN are expected to be the Leader of it..

And it certainly wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she just as readily starting locking and loading a Kalashnikov to keep “Foreign Invaders” away from it.. and from you..

(Which by the way has truly happened more then a few times in Russian history just in case you wanted to know.)

Now Gentlemen listen carefully..

Again you have just been freely given the keys to the known universe in terms of finding happiness with a beautiful and traditional woman.

You want to learn what the most important thing about courting a Russian Woman is?

Well you just read it..

Being socially acceptable..  having self-respect and a decent appearance.. knowing how to be relaxed and confident in your own skin..  being modestly cultivated.. and knowing how to make a girl laugh and smile at whim..

These are all good and very important things..

But it’s most critical importance comes into play during the initial DATING PHASE of any Relationship.

Or in other words… it simply opens the door for you…


(Or shall I say the remaining 99% of any happy and married life spent together.)

Where you are walking through this door..

And not getting kicked out..

Is a very long term, ongoing and extremely satisfying Construction Project.

If you as a Man have been worthy and skilled enough to open this door to her interest and imagination with the dates you’ve had together.

And now you want to find The BEST way to be invited into her heart..

Then make sure “she knows that you know” what these precious FIVE Rooms are.

But most importantly..

Make sure she see’s you pulling out the blue prints..

Putting on your tool belt..

And getting down to some serious work.