If you read my earlier story about meeting Inessa and her lovely family..

You might recall that I was pretty stunned by the level of warmth and hospitality that I received from them when I came to Siberia.

In short I was incredibly moved..

I had a feeling that something special like this was going to happen so I decided to come prepared.

Earlier before my arrival I took it upon myself to take a collection of photos I had of Inessa and had combined them into a collage for her and her mother.

I created a nice 8 x 10 glossy.. framed it nicely.. and then embellished it with some decent wrapping paper.

After dinner the right moment presented itself and I pulled a blanketed glass picture frame out of a bag.

There is really no way I could have justifiably captured that singular moment when Inessa and her lovely mother unwrapped it..

But I can show you what they received…

And I think you can probably figure out if at this moment there was more then just a simple smile on both of their beautiful porcelain like faces.