The popular MRA blogger Pete’s Patriarch seems to have taken deep offense with my advice that Men should pay for the bill when they are dating Traditional Russian Women.

It was slightly funny because he actually goes so far as to question my “true gender” and wonders if I’m a “Mangina” or not.

He has some pretty crude but amusing things to say about your truly which you can read here.

In general he wants to imply that any Man like myself who take the initiative to pay for the bill on a date is actually weak and “sucking up” to women.  And on the more outrageous side of things he goes so far as to suggest that this is merely a cheap attempt to “pay for sexual favors”.

Well I think it’s best if we stop the rotation of this sad attempt at spin and set the matter straight.

I’m just going to re-post the comment I made on his post here so all of you can understand what is happening and you make your own call.

Hello Pete,

I’ve been called lots of things in my life but to accuse me of being a “Mangina” is hilarious especially given the pro-men advocacy that both you and I take so seriously..

No worries.. call me what you will.. doesn’t bother me a bit.. My readers might enjoy your little slant on me as well.

In anycase Pete I’d like to say that I believe you are making a very significant mistake by applying your western norms of “equality” to every girl in the world. Especially to the Traditional Girls in Russia or the FSU.

You took pains to take some quotes from some of the more materialistic women that exist in Moscow which is where my source article came from.

Your first mistake is a very common one in thinking that Moscow represents Russia culturally..

Most Russian folks will tell you that “Moscow is not real Russia”. They say this because it’s a huge cosmopolitan city with the largest cost of living in the world.

So any quote taken from some well off “wealthy” Russian Woman there is going to distort the truth behind what I feel the majority of TRADITIONAL Russian and FSU Girls are like..

I’ve been living in Siberia for over the last 4 years Pete so I know what I’m talking about… So I kindly suggest that you listen..

Pete here’s the deal.

And again I’ve seen lots of American and Western Men make this same extremely common error just like you have.

You are probably taking every experience and information that you have about Feminized WESTERN Women and are trying to apply the same “defensive standards” to Traditional Russian or FSU Women..

This is no different from playing with square blocks all of your life and then trying to fit it into a small round hole that you’ve never seen before.

The TRADITIONAL Women that I’m inspired to blog about absolutely DESERVE traditional respect and chivalry from all Men.. ESPECIALLY Men who desire to date them..

You are dealing with a completely different world here that you can’t possibly fathom until you spend some significant time dealing with these wonderful ladies.

Far from these women being greedy or wealthy as you try to elude too with the Moscow article..

The average salary in Russia is still only between $150 to $300 PER MONTH…

That means that there are a whole lot of very sweet, kind and economically poor ladies out there who would project huge amounts of appreciation for a decent date at even the simplest of cafe’s.

(And BTW I take offense and so would many real ladies at how you suggest, even in pun, that sexual favors might be returned for this basic act of kindness during a date. Unfortunately it shows me and your readers that you have a long ways to go before you grow up and are able to act like a Gentleman.)

As far as typical first dates with Russian Ladies are concerned.. we are certainly not talking Lobster Thermidore here Pete..

We are usually only talking about a cup of tea, a tiny salad and maybe a single scoop of ice cream for an initial get to know you meeting..

If you try to suggest or push any more food on to her because you are surprised at how little she eats.. then she will most likely politely turn down your offer due to her basic sense of modesty that is deeply in-grained into her traditional Russian culture.

Let’s see.. that bill came out to a whopping total of less then 10 bucks..

So you want to show off your cheapness and go “Equal” with that?

Well Pete go right ahead and show the world what you are made of.. or not..

Pete it’s pretty sad that you have no comprehension of these most basic basic basic basic of courtesies which are designed to serve as the building blocks of traditional male to female trust, conversation and relationships.

So before you embarrass yourself any further and call guys like me a “Mangina” again..

Let me suggest one very important thing that you have not seen in yourself.

Pete.. somewhere right now there are Radical Feminists who absolutely LOVE guys like you..

They love it when you attack Women and even Men like me in the way you do..

They love it because it tells the Feminist that THEY’VE WON..

THEY’VE WON because they have succeeded in starting a WAR between Men and Women that they have wanted to ignite for the last 30 years.

They LOVE the fact that your hatred for them is there and that it quickly spreads like a virus to other men and women too no matter what their background may be.

They LOVE the fact that you seem to look at all women with suspicion.. or that you can’t even trust your own natural tendancies as a Man to show kindness in this form.

They LOVE the fact that you can’t tell the difference between a Traditional Lady who deserves your respect and kindness and the less deserving ones that seem to be permanently etched into your psyche..

(Aren’t your actions kind of like using a nuke on a city to take out a few bad guys? Well whose the bad guy now Pete??)

Your comments only go to show the Feminists that their scortched earth policy towards destroying trust and relationships between Men and Women really works..

Pete maybe your hearts in the right place in wanting to help other Men but you my friend are unfortunately foolish to the n’th degree for so easily falling for the Feminist agenda and becoming their very willing slave in the process..

And in so doing..

You have become a mere defensive reactionary to a group of shrill and bitter Feminist Western Women..

..And certainly not a Leader of Men..

I’m curious as to how you will take this feedback even as harsh and necessary as it may be.

I’m actually hoping that a guy with such an influential blog like yourself is capable of some small doses of humility and reason..

Until then..

Good Luck to you..

GL – Russian Women the Real Truth

I have little time nowadays to check in on what the other MRA bloggers are saying.

But I hope the rest of them don’t act like Pete here.

I’d like to believe that in one way or another we are actually on the same team.  But if this is the type of “tone” and “advocacy” that is being promoted in the blogosphere from other MRA writers.  Then I’d like to kindly suggest that they read an old letter that I wrote way back when to the Men’s Movement.

Until then.. I’ll just keep continuing to blaze my own path for myself and hopefully a few others..

Because in the final analysis there’s a huge difference between making the right choices to develop a loving relationship.

And being paranoid of it.

A wise friend of mine once told me that any belief system (no matter how noble it’s original intent may be) can be taken to an extreme and lead to some very bad and destructive things.

I know well enough to understand that history is just filled with many cases of this..

Well I hope guys like Pete get a clue because we certainly don’t need to see another one.