They say that good photographers always keep a camera close to them at all times.

Well I guess today was one of my “good” days.

I was invited to a wedding this afternoon.

And even though I correctly assumed that there would be a professional photographer and video guy covering this event..

My instincts still told me that I needed to pull out the ol’ Digital SLR and bring it along.

Well I’m sure glad I listened to Mr. Intuition today.

Because along comes a truly exotic young lady named Zarina who had traveled all the way from a remote and isolated little city in Central Kazakhstan to attend this wedding.

And of course as fate would have it.. she was exceedingly pleasant to socialize with even if she was a little on the shy side of the equation.

It turned out that this sublimely beautiful girl is also exceptionally talented and disciplined since she already speaks fluent English..

Oh and get this..

Because Zarina is about a third Asian with her nationality..

She has selected Mandarin Chinese to be ONE of her university majors and has set a goal to be completely fluent in it within 4 years which totally blew my mind.

Oh yeah.. her other major is going to be in Economics.

Can somebody say.. “These women are from a different planet?”

Oh and one more thing..

She’s only 19…….

Gee maybe there’s IS something in the drinking water here.


After some more small talk Zarina wanted to know what I did so I told her about my little hobby involving photography and this blog.

As you can probably guess she was genuinely interested because from her perspective I’m sure that bumping into some American guy living out here who does this in his spare time is more then a little unusual.

Naturally I politely asked to take some photos of her..

And after a few seconds of thinking…

She let a shy but lovely little smile slip out..

And softly said yes..