We can learn a lot about ourselves as Men by taking the time to observe other living things in nature.

And one of the deepest discoveries we can make is understanding just how much effort Mother Nature has put into programing much of our self-esteem as Men to be dependent on Women.

(And of course the opposite is equally true)

Young or Old.

Experienced or Not.

There are always different levels of dependencies through all phases of life.

If we take a look at the animal kingdom for example we can see why.

Because in the animal world it’s the male that try’s to attract or approach a female for mating.  And it’s the female that either accepts or rejects his overtures.

Now what that means for us Men is pretty simple and profound…

Because on a genetic level a HUGE part of our self-esteem is naturally dependent on women.

It’s been hard wired that way from the time we were conceived.

And although this trait is what keeps humanity alive and well…

It can also be used to exploit us from more malicious members of the opposite sex.

Now because of this I know there are a number of Men’s Rights groups out there that advocate the complete rejection of this desire.  They often say that Men should somehow eliminate this desire and stop “needing” women.

And let me take a moment to surprise you readers to say that I support their advocacy of this up to a point..

I certainly agree with them when poison is the only thing that’s being offered and it’s a matter of survival to completely reject it.

But let’s even go beyond this for a second and not think in terms of self-preservation.

Let’s look at a Man’s personal growth.

I know first hand that there are extremely positive aspects on truly not needing women especially if you are on a mission of self-discovery and self-development as a Man.

And I can personally give you very strong testimony on this and say that when Men do this with honest intent to themselves and with persistence..

Then over time they will truly find themselves in a very strong, satisfying and fulfilling space.

(And a common side effect of this is that they are immediately more attractive to women)

Now self discovery is all fine and good but on the opposite end of the emotional scale there also exist a different agenda for “not needing women”.

For example..

I find that all of us.. both men and women.. will at some time in their lives try to protect their egos from the threat of rejection by playing a game of what I call “Rejection Hot Potato“.

Let’s toss you out like a hot potato before you can toss me.

Because if I’m the one who tosses you first then I can be the one to tell everyone and myself that I was the one who rejected you!!

Now to be fair I’d like to say that on the surface there is NOTHING wrong with this.

It’s because EVERYONE has done this at some point.  It’s a necessary part of the emotional survival process because trying to function on a day to day basis with a crushed spirit is not an easy thing to do and can actually threaten your ability to survive.

We can just hope that playing “emotional hot potato” evolves into a valuable growing experience that can serve us well in understanding both ourselves and others and help us to develop compassion for all.

Now in light of recent events it’s become clear to me that there is a certain percentage of members within the Men’s Rights groups who are going through this stage.

And again I’d like to repeat that there is nothing wrong or shameful about this.

However where this gets to be a problem is if they are locked into this mode and it prevents them from finding the next happier transformation in their lives which depends on developing a truly loving and supportive relationship.

Now if this is the case then obviously this is not the most positive outcome.

So when we take inventory and look back at the above motivations for “not needing women” we still find that both of them leave us hanging out with Mr. Solitude.

It may be negative solitude or a positive one..

But as we all know a Man was never meant to live on bread alone.

And when that hunger for more diverse emotional and physical nourishment takes over it’s time to really take stock of things and to be very honest with ourselves.

So let’s get back to Mother Nature’s finely tuned engineering plans for our emotional health as Men.

Because it seems so funny sometimes that I feel the need to go through so detailed an explanation just to justify myself and say something so simple as..

“Men need Women and it is GOOD”…

But alas this is the result of the sad and distorted times in which we live in where playing “emotional hot potato” seems to be the protective body armor that so many of us are forced to wear because of the ongoing war that exists between Western Men and Women.

So here’s the deal…

Playing “Emotional Hot Potato” and living in solitude was NEVER meant to be the default setting in the mechanism of life..

It is not the natural state of affairs.

And it is certainly NOT Good.

This is going to be true no matter how many of us go through our daily lives trying to look cool and seemingly disconnected from the opposite sex.

And what’s truly sad is my eyes is when you see Men going into denial about their real needs and actually believing it.

(Too often it’s mainly because Men weakly succumb to some childish name calling on the part of the feminist who want them to feel foolish for seeking their own genetic destiny for love and family)

Well now these Men are really screwed because they have just made it that much more harder for them to get what their body and soul truly requires by going into denial about it in the first place.

And they were easily manipulated by the Feminist into this position.

There is really only one true solution in all of this.

And it’s the obvious one.

Because when you guys have actually done what it takes to have a Real Woman by your side then the world just completely changes.

You have an unbelievable sense of freedom and stature that allows you to walk into a room that maybe filled to the brim with the most malicious of feminists.

But you find yourself blessed because you just simply don’t care about them anymore.

You have absolutely no more emotional dependencies on them or any other women outside of your home environment.

When they carry on with their usual slander and bile you can choose to speak your mind and embarass the living hell out of them or you can just choose to smile and be on your merry way.

In either case..

You’ve got NOTHING to prove.

This my friends is True Liberation because for most of your life there were walls around you whose builders had much invested in making sure that you were contained.

But now..

The walls are still there but you simply have the ability to just walk right through them at will.

And this upsets the builders to no end.

But none of this will happen unless you are real with yourself and completely understand that.

“Men need Women and it is GOOD”.

Being true to this is the real path of courage and not the opposite way around.

And with a little bit of this courage and an open heart there will come a day when you will have what you need Gentlemen.

And when this happens..

Just remember I told you so.