Kathleen Parker has finally done something that is long overdue.

She is a conservative columnist who has just released a book called “Save the Males”.

In “Save the Males” she pretty much highlights all the relevant points of the Men’s Movement knowing full well that she will be attacked quite relentlessly by her feminist sisters.

What she talks about is nothing new for any Men like ourselves doing our best to spread awareness and change the feminist tide that is so determined to sink us.

But nonetheless she’s a brave woman putting forth the same message because she has the foresight to realize that if traditional Men go down in flames..

Then ultimately so will Women.

I’ve read several articles and interview by her and its interesting to note that one of the key reasons she decided to write this book and join this important crusade is because she has 3 sons and realizes just how hostile our modern culture is towards them.

I feel that the Men’s Movement has hit a pretty important milestone with her book release.

I realize that there are many Men who have championed this cause for years but if Western Women are to truly adjust their attitudes and beliefs then their inspiration will most likely have to come from within.

So here is another serious red flag being hoisted from within their ranks.

Also important is the fact that she’s getting serious press coverage because of it.

Good for her.

Good for us.

Here are some links to follow.

Notice the defensive and hostile tone some feminist reporters have taken with her.