August 2008

Now I’m one of those guys who has never been a real big Tennis fan.

And I’m still trying to figure out how an outdoor warm weather sport like tennis got to be so popular in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Eastern Europe when there are sometimes only 3 to 4 months of good weather.

In any case when I see such sterling examples of beauty and athleticism in action it certainly gives me pause and makes me re-evaluate my attitude towards the game.

This is especially true if I get the chance to watch ladies like this getting all hot and sweaty while running back and forth chasing a fuzzy ball in skimpy outfits on a green court.

Hmm maybe i just answered my own question.

Russia - Maria Sharapova

Russia - Maria Sharapova


Masha's Friend Rita from Siberia

Masha's Friend Rita from Siberia

Check out this article.

Ky. Woman With ‘Too Short’ Dress For Mall Hires Lawyer
College Student Asked To Leave Mall

RICHMOND, Ky. — A 20-year-old Kentucky college student who was kicked out of a shopping mall because her dress was too short has hired an attorney.

Kymberly Clem, 20, attends Eastern Kentucky University and said the incident happened on Sunday when a security guard approached her at Richmond Mall and asked her to leave because of complaints about the shortness of the dress.

“I felt humiliated because not only did he embarrass me by making a scene, but he actually followed me out of the mall as if I stole something,” she told the Richmond Register. “It’s hard for me to understand how I could be disrespected so much.”

Ironically, Clem had bought the dress the day before at the very mall she was kicked out of.

The mall manager was not available for comment Monday.

Clem said her lawyer was looking into legal options.

(click here for original article)

When I read articles like this I just thank my lucky stars that I’m in this part of the world and don’t have to deal with any of this craziness.

As you can see from the lovely photo of Rita above.  When the weather is warm Russian girls LOVE to wear short dresses and take every opportunity they can to enjoy the limited sunshine they get during the year.

In fact it makes me want to deliver the following message to the American Ladies back in the US.

Attention American Women.

Quit being jealous of other women who eat less and stay in shape and have the ability to proudly show off their beauty, health and natural feminine confidence in themselves.

I know you may have a hard time believing this but this style of summer dress is completely the NORM here.  And yes it’s SEXY and these girls have absolutely no reason to be ashamed of their beautiful bodies whatsoever.

But if you are ashamed then please do something about it and don’t take it out on them.

Now I can only imagine what it would be like to walk around an American Shopping Mall with one of these lovely ladies in tow.

Do any of you Gentlemen or Ladies have an interesting story to tell in relation to this?

In a number of my previous posts I’ve stressed the importance of developing your social network in Russia and the FSU in order to find yourself a True Lady.

Although introduction agencies are not my most recommended option I still understand that many men will still go this route in order to get started.

However I believe there is a much better and safer method to roll into this without encountering any of the numerous scams that unfortunately exists in this realm.

There are literally millions of Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern Europeans already living in the West.  And many of these folks have immigrated recently or still have close ties back with their motherland.

These people are an incredibly rich source of information and possible contacts that you should not ignore.

Do your best to socialize with these people and if an opportunity presents itself during the conversation don’t be afraid to be honest about your intentions towards finding a traditional wife.

If you tell them that you would really appreciate any assistance they can give you in your goal towards creating a happy family they will more than likely feel very proud that you’ve asked them.

If they like you then they will enjoy playing the matchmaker role since many of them have a single lady friend or relative back home that is looking for a serious man to have relations with.

This is the absolute best way to get started because you are initiating your social network in your own country and expanding out from there.

These immigrants can help you establish the all important “beach-head” in their country that you will need to get yourself launched.

Miss Russia 2007 - 20 year old Ksenia Sukhinova

Recently there seems to be a slew of western press articles coming out about Russian Women and its great to see them getting this positive recognition that so many of them deserve.

One of the things I really appreciate about being here is how much beauty contests in Russia and the FSU are meant to promote traditional feminine values and virtues.

Gee what a concept.

Now isn’t that the way its supposed to be?

In any case as I’ve said many times before I believe that Western People and especially Western Women can learn much from these real ladies.

On that note here’s another cool article about why Russian Beauty Contests are so ingrained into their culture.

In a Land of Beauty
Beauty pageants are about more than good looks – they can have a message, too. Stas Shectman and Marina Kamenev report.

The headquarters of sit in an uninspiring building near Paveletsky Station. The company is an independent Internet portal providing the latest developments in the field of nuclear energy. But that is not what they are best known for.

Inside the small office sits Yulia Nagayeva, a tall, striking brunette. She is a senior manager for business development at TVEL, a manufacturer of nuclear fuel. She is also Miss Atom, the latest winner of the beauty contest that has been run by annually since 2004. Miss Atom is an online contest for girls under the age of 35 who work in the nuclear energy industry.

In addition to the country’s oil and mineral wealth, over the past decade Russia has been busy refining another one of its valuable natural resources: beauty. And while there have been no major international wins for Russia since Oksana Fyodorova won Miss Universe in 2002, the numerous domestic competitions ensure that some of Russia’s most beautiful girls get to bask in the glow of a spotlight.

“I think it’s every girl’s dream to see how they compare to other women,” Nagayeva said. She had entered the contest twice before she won this year and loves the process of it.


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