In a number of my previous posts I’ve stressed the importance of developing your social network in Russia and the FSU in order to find yourself a True Lady.

Although introduction agencies are not my most recommended option I still understand that many men will still go this route in order to get started.

However I believe there is a much better and safer method to roll into this without encountering any of the numerous scams that unfortunately exists in this realm.

There are literally millions of Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern Europeans already living in the West.  And many of these folks have immigrated recently or still have close ties back with their motherland.

These people are an incredibly rich source of information and possible contacts that you should not ignore.

Do your best to socialize with these people and if an opportunity presents itself during the conversation don’t be afraid to be honest about your intentions towards finding a traditional wife.

If you tell them that you would really appreciate any assistance they can give you in your goal towards creating a happy family they will more than likely feel very proud that you’ve asked them.

If they like you then they will enjoy playing the matchmaker role since many of them have a single lady friend or relative back home that is looking for a serious man to have relations with.

This is the absolute best way to get started because you are initiating your social network in your own country and expanding out from there.

These immigrants can help you establish the all important “beach-head” in their country that you will need to get yourself launched.

Many cities in the US and the West have Russian clubs or community centers that you should explore.

Make sure you don’t forget any Russian or Ukrainian Orthodox churches in your community since many of the services are still done in their native language and they are going to be a real magnet for immigrants and traditionally minded folks too.

Keep in mind that everything you learn in this blog is going to apply to these people since your sincerity and generosity are going to be quietly tested before you earn enough confidence in these people’s minds to help you..

Or simply put..

Treat these people the way you would want to be treated if they were asking you to do the same thing as well.

Offer to take them to lunch or to meet in a cafe where you can better tell your story and convey what it is you are looking for but more importantly listen to their advice and earn their trust.

Remember that there are six degrees of separation in this world between any 2 random people.

So if your first contacts don’t know of anyone right off the bat then I would bet that they know someone who knows someone..

Get it?

In any case this is the best advice I can give you for starting out along this path.

It is certainly more personal and effective then just trying to introduce yourself point blank to a completely unknown person over the internet without a reference.

Make sure you don’t let any opportunities slip by.

Because even if you are just meeting Russian or FSU folks in public don’t be afraid to ask for their email or number in order to stay in contact with them.

I’m sure they will have some valuable knowledge that will help to put you on your way.