September 2008

Russia is one of the few countries in the world where the number of abortions outnumber the number of live births. 

For example in 2001, 1,320,000 children were born in Russia, while 1,800,000 abortions were performed.

These figures are especially tragic given that Russia is facing a disasterous demographic crisis with the UN estimating that Russia could lose more then half of its population by 2050. 

One of the strange thing about coming from the US and living in Russia is the complete night and day difference in attitudes towards abortion.  In the US there seems to be a real political militancy on both sides of the issue.  

But in Russia there is ZERO public controversy over this issue.   

I have personally never seen this issue politicized or protested in any way.   In fact abortions are usually only refered to as an “operation” that happens in the event of an accidental pregnancy. 

This is a complicated issue and I can only guess that the lack of public outcry over it is in no small part due to the Communists banning religion during Soviet times.  Since mainstream religions universally condemn abortion as the gravest sin then the strict elimination of these moral boundaries combined with the nearly free and on-demand access of abortions to all women at the start of the USSR has certainly contributed to this current situation. 

Russian Women are already strictly private about their relationship, sex or health issues so you will never hear about an abortion on a personal level.  

But on the flip side since my time here I’ve known of several young women who became pregnant by their boyfriends and decided to keep their babies and try to make the best of it by getting married. 

One of these girls was a good platonic friend of mine who just delievered her baby 2 months ago.   She and her new husband are both around 20 years old.  When she was still dating this young man she told me that if she ever got pregnant she would never get an abortion because of her beliefs.   More importantly.. her mother would never approve of it and would absolutely insist that she keep her baby.   


Do you like to play?

Do you like to play Mr. Bond?


I LOVE to play chess.

And somehow the thought of a Beautiful 23 year old raven haired Russian Grandmaster named Alexandra “Sasha” Kosteniuk kicking my butt all over the board has a strange appeal to me.

Or in other words..


Now since I’ve played chess all my life I would like to think that I could mount a decent challenge against such a gorgeous but formidable intellect.

But I’m sure the odds of me pulling this off would drop off a cliff once Alexandra touched her opening piece and gazed at me with the hypnotic stare of an enchantress preparing to “dominate” my every move.

Well Sasha has certainly elevated this 500 year old game to a new level of world attention and sex appeal.

And for this reason alone I’m ecstatic about her arrival on the scene.

Check out the article below.   

When you read it I think you’ll get a good idea as to what I’ve been saying all along…

These Women REALLY CAN do it all.  (and not just give lip service to it)


Glamorous Russian swimsuit model wins Women’s World Chess Championship

A glamorous Russian part-time model has won the Women’s World Chess Championship under the slogan “beauty and intelligence can go together”.

By Lucy Cockcroft – Daily Telegraph UK 

Last Updated: 11:16PM BST 18 Sep 2008

Queen of Chess: Alexandra Kosteniuk became a chess grandmaster aged 14 Photo: KOSTENIUK.COM

Alexandra Kosteniuk, 23, has worked as a catwalk and swimsuit model to raise the profile of the game.

She also sells sultry semi-clad photographs of herself, and has made a 36-minute video which shows her “doing exercises on Miami beach”.

The modelling exploits have raised eyebrows among critics, who believe it distracts from the intellectual importance of chess.

But Miss Kosteniuk has more than proved her talent for the game after being crowned “Queen of Chess” at the women’s championships held in Russia.

She said: “Modelling is not a job. It is just a hobby, like reading books.


Well my friend Snejana is on a roll as far as her friends are concerned.

Meet Jenya..

Jenya is a construction engineering student who is originally from the wind swept stepps of Central Kazakhstan.

She has a natural love of symmetry, balance and architectural perfection as clearly expressed by the lovely image that she likes to project onto the world.

(Not to mention a sex appeal that could melt re-bar and steal frames on contact)

This 20 year old Russian Girl may be a lady of few words but she has an intellect filled with fluid intelligence and aspiring thoughts.

She says that her biggest aspiration is to be able to study mathematics and engineering in the US someday.

In return I told her that there were a whole bunch of fellow engineering students in the US who would dream of studying subjects like “Construction Calculus” with her too.

Jenya is also one determined lady..

She attends a tough mix of engineering classes 6 days a weeks, takes additional evening classes to study English and somehow also manages to hold down a job as a wine and spirits representative.

One can only imagine what the future holds for a girl with such a standout mix of brains, determination and of course visceral beauty.

I believe that Jenya will soon be ready for the world..

But the real question that we should ask is..

Will the world be ready for her?


I have a very positive view about Men building relationships with Russian Women who have children.

I’ve known quite a few fantastic and beautiful Russian Ladies with children who were excellent candidates for starting a serious relationship with.

Throughout my numerous travels I have to say that I’ve never seen more loving, calm, patient and devoted mothers in my life. I know this is a pretty big statement to make but I think there are more then a few of you readers out there who can concur with what I’ve personally witnessed here on a regular basis.

Now because of this I can honestly tell you that seeing a woman who takes care of her children to this degree is nothing short of a warm and fuzzy emotional turn on for me.

These Russian and FSU Ladies simply excel at being who they were always supposed to be as women.  And as a Man you just can’t help but marvel at the level of motherly love they project and be in awe over it.

So if you as a Man are looking at this option for a future relationship then I highly encourage it.

Now saying that I also must warn you of one significant pitfall that I’ve seen happen numerous times here.

If the father of the child is still alive then very often I’ve seen cases where he will easily get court papers to prevent the child from leaving the country.  The following article is an example of what could go wrong.

‘Our family is broken apart’: Stepdad’s plea as court bans British girl from leaving Russia for 7 YEARS


A British girl of 11 has been told she may not be able to leave Russia for seven years after she went to visit relatives there.

Victoria Osborne, step-daughter of a British university lecturer, was stopped by border guards as she was about to board a flight home.

The youngster, who was due to start a new school back home in Hampshire, was returning from a family visit with her mother, Tatiana.

They were told that the girl’s biological father, Colonel Yuri Gladkikh, from whom Tatiana has been separated for eight years, had imposed the order.

Although they are British citizens the pair traveled on Russian passports, making them subject to the country’s law – under which divorced parents are allowed to block the movements of their children out of the country until they are 18.

Mrs Osborne, 34, was told she was free to leave but she refused to go without her daughter, who is known as Vicka.


I had the good fortune of meeting a lovely girl named Anna who is also a close friend of Snejana.

I was surprised to learn that this timid and very kind young lady is in the process of completing her education to become a doctor.

Well judging from her warm smile I’m sure that whoever comes under her care will experience a beautiful Florence Nightingale with a perfect bedside manner.

I wonder if health insurance will cover her treatment. 🙂


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