I have a very positive view about Men building relationships with Russian Women who have children.

I’ve known quite a few fantastic and beautiful Russian Ladies with children who were excellent candidates for starting a serious relationship with.

Throughout my numerous travels I have to say that I’ve never seen more loving, calm, patient and devoted mothers in my life. I know this is a pretty big statement to make but I think there are more then a few of you readers out there who can concur with what I’ve personally witnessed here on a regular basis.

Now because of this I can honestly tell you that seeing a woman who takes care of her children to this degree is nothing short of a warm and fuzzy emotional turn on for me.

These Russian and FSU Ladies simply excel at being who they were always supposed to be as women.  And as a Man you just can’t help but marvel at the level of motherly love they project and be in awe over it.

So if you as a Man are looking at this option for a future relationship then I highly encourage it.

Now saying that I also must warn you of one significant pitfall that I’ve seen happen numerous times here.

If the father of the child is still alive then very often I’ve seen cases where he will easily get court papers to prevent the child from leaving the country.  The following article is an example of what could go wrong.

‘Our family is broken apart’: Stepdad’s plea as court bans British girl from leaving Russia for 7 YEARS


A British girl of 11 has been told she may not be able to leave Russia for seven years after she went to visit relatives there.

Victoria Osborne, step-daughter of a British university lecturer, was stopped by border guards as she was about to board a flight home.

The youngster, who was due to start a new school back home in Hampshire, was returning from a family visit with her mother, Tatiana.

They were told that the girl’s biological father, Colonel Yuri Gladkikh, from whom Tatiana has been separated for eight years, had imposed the order.

Although they are British citizens the pair traveled on Russian passports, making them subject to the country’s law – under which divorced parents are allowed to block the movements of their children out of the country until they are 18.

Mrs Osborne, 34, was told she was free to leave but she refused to go without her daughter, who is known as Vicka.

Victoria’s stepfather, Dr Patrick Osborne, is now fighting to bring his family back to their home in Winchester.

‘ This order came totally out of the blue,’ he said. ‘Mr Gladkikh has never tried to play any part in Vicka’s life in the last eight years except for one phone call a year. Sometimes he doesn’t even call her on her birthday.’

Dr Osborne, 52, who married Tatiana six years ago after meeting her while working in Russia, added: ‘We know it is not going to be easy, but we are determined to get our family back together.

‘Both Tatiana and Vicka are desperate to come back to this country. When we go over there to see Tatiana’s family Mr Gladkikh knows exactly where we are because his mother lives in the same village – but he never tries to see Vicka.

‘The first I heard about this was when Tatiana left a message on my answerphone.

‘She is getting increasingly distressed and it’s going to get harder and harder the longer it goes on for her.’

Mrs Osborne has been locked in negotiations with lawyers 1,500 miles away in Saratov, a city in southern Russia, where she and her daughter have been since Victoria was stopped last Thursday.

Mrs Osborne said from Saratov: ‘ We are devastated. Had we known about this restriction we would never have gone to Russia this summer.

‘Our family is broken apart and Vicka is not at school. She was so much looking forward to it.

‘I will never leave her on her own. She needs to be with her mum and feel she’s loved and wanted. This is a betrayal by her biological father.’

The family could face a lengthy court battle if the order is not withdrawn by Colonel Gladkikh.

They have sought help from the British Embassy in Russia but have been told there is little they can do because they were travelling on Russian passports.

Dr Osborne, who lectures in civil engineering at the University of Southampton, said he was trying to get her new school, the Westgate School, in Winchester, to send work for her by email.

‘It is unbelievable that any parent, however far-removed from daily upbringing, would deny his child the right to a good education, access to her home and friends,’ he said.

Dr Osborne said the family were in talks with Colonel Gladkikh over the ownership of a flat in Saratov.

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Keep in mind that this sad story is NOT an isolated incident and I would consider the Colonel’s tragic attitude to be the unfortunate norm amongst divorced Russian Men with children.

Events like this goes way beyond sour grapes and into the outright vindictive sabotage of a family’s future safety and happiness.   Unfortunately as Russia faces a disastrous demographic crisis there is tremendous political and nationalistic pressure to prevent children from leaving the country to have a better life elsewhere.

(This is even the case for orphans too.)

The State Controlled Russian media has been blatantly gearing up the news to only portray Russian spousal and child abuse stories in the US and the West.  This action alone should tell all of you a great deal.

This does not bode well for the long term and as I’ve mentioned in an earlier post if you are going to find yourself a real woman to have a serious relationship with then for heaven’s sake don’t wait.   For at least in Russia, time may not be on your side as I’m sure the government and media will continue to further ratchet up their campaign to discourage women from emigrating to the West.

If you are considering a relationship with a Russian Woman with a child then you must find out what the status is on this child’s father and if he’s initiated any court hearing to prevent the child’s exit from Russia.

I’ve heard of Western Men going as far as to bribe these fathers into releasing their children from their legal grasp.  Obviously any step like this is filled with significant pitfalls and I hope that no-one out there finds themselves having to contemplate this option.

Let’s just hope that Dr. Osborne and his beautiful family can be quickly re-united back in the UK.