Well my friend Snejana is on a roll as far as her friends are concerned.

Meet Jenya..

Jenya is a construction engineering student who is originally from the wind swept stepps of Central Kazakhstan.

She has a natural love of symmetry, balance and architectural perfection as clearly expressed by the lovely image that she likes to project onto the world.

(Not to mention a sex appeal that could melt re-bar and steal frames on contact)

This 20 year old Russian Girl may be a lady of few words but she has an intellect filled with fluid intelligence and aspiring thoughts.

She says that her biggest aspiration is to be able to study mathematics and engineering in the US someday.

In return I told her that there were a whole bunch of fellow engineering students in the US who would dream of studying subjects like “Construction Calculus” with her too.

Jenya is also one determined lady..

She attends a tough mix of engineering classes 6 days a weeks, takes additional evening classes to study English and somehow also manages to hold down a job as a wine and spirits representative.

One can only imagine what the future holds for a girl with such a standout mix of brains, determination and of course visceral beauty.

I believe that Jenya will soon be ready for the world..

But the real question that we should ask is..

Will the world be ready for her?

Best of Friends - Snejana & Jenya

Best of Friends - Snejana & Jenya