“May you live in interesting times..”

– A Chinese Curse

My Friends,

We are currently witnessing growing tears in the fabric of the United States of America that does not bode well for the long term prospects of it’s sovereignty nor for the ability of its citizens to freely obtain Life, Liberty or the Pursuit of Happiness.

I personally started to see the writing on the wall for these current events nearly 10 years ago and a significant part of my decision to expatriate 5 years later was due to the growing momentum I was witnessing in the orchestrated destruction of our traditional values and freedoms as Americans.

Its important to note that all of us have different internal alarms which serve to alert us to the potential hazards within our environment.

And unfortunately in our “modern” world these hazards to our well-being are quickly multiplying and creating greater waves of destruction against our financial, emotional, and physical health.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that any of these hazards can easily manifest like a cancer and spread to the point of lethality not just for ourselves but for our society as well.

My own personal alarm started to ring with the realization that we were the first (and maybe the last) generation in the entire history of our species to blatantly violate our natural imperative as Men and Women to find love and symbiotic cooperation with each other.

To our own demise we are callously rejecting the tender aspirations of stable families which form the very core of any solvent society.

I’ve been a witness to the “War of the Sexes” since the 1970’s and have had a deep sense of dread in seeing Cultural Marxism rise up and take it’s most prominent form in Radical Feminism.

I’ve watched in horror as the media and “popular opinion” declared open season on traditional feminine and masculine identities in a stealth process to dismantle society by weakening the natural bonds of trust between Men and Women.

And now I’m seeing in real time this corruption of humanity reach it’s latest chapter as the forces of ego and greed create a downward spiral in the financial world which will ultimately lead to an economic and social collapse for our once noble country.

One of the primary fuels for this inferno has always been the crass materialism of “Empowered” Feminist who have chanted the mantra of “You can have it ALL” to several generations of Western Women.

In North America this foolish sense of entitlement not only pertains to their careers or material possessions..

But tragically to their relationship demands too.

These are the Western Women who demanded “equality” in public..

But who were always trolling for Sugar Daddies in private.

This appalling behavior has been glorified in our media to such an extent that it is now the accepted norm in our society.

Both Men and Women are now expected to walk through this Garden of Hell together and turn themselves into prostituted commodities for status and material gain.

One by one we are being forced to worship at the altar of “Sexual Materialism”.

And this is basically a religion which turns individuals into indentured slaves and mortally wounds our country as history has so openly demonstrated with other failed societies in the past.

Or simply stated..

There is no faster way to create a classic bubble then to live beyond your means.

And when the rewards of sex and relationship become dependent on bank balances, stock portfolios and visa card purchases..

Then an old blood-sport is resurrected with a “whoever dies with the most toys wins” mentality.

“Can you say over leveraged?”

This is truly what Feminism has become.

But as with any fire.. it destroys everything in its path and ultimately consumes itself.

And this is exactly what we will be witnessing in the weeks, months and years to come.

“There is no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole.”

Likewise there is no such thing as a Feminist in any kind of foxhole either.

Because as uncertainty and even chaos grows in our society you are going to witness once proud and “independent” feminist running for cover and pleading for protection.

Real protection that can only come from Real Men.

As this economic crisis metastasizes and danger starts to rear its ugly head you will see a magical and major attitude adjustment towards Men quickly take hold.

Any woman who won’t drop her ego and remain in denial over this will literally be left out in the cold where she and Mr. Darwin can have their own little private date with destiny.

Men will always be the protective guardians of both family and society at large and only the most jaded or delusional feminists would ignore this fact at their own peril.

If some of the more dire predictions of an economic collapse come true and access to the most basics items of food, water and shelter are in short supply then you will see once “firm” feminists quickly becoming “fair weather” feminists instead.

And as I have always advocated..

The only solution for any of this is to create strong families.

Because strong families can survive both good times or bad.

Feminists can’t.