November 2008

2 Awesome Ladies   

2 Awesome Ladies

I personally have much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day.

First and foremost I am deeply thankful for all of you incredible visitors and participants out there who help to make Russian Women the Real Truth what it is.

Hopefully this site is a modest but meaningful beacon for those of you who wish to pursue your own dreams for finding love, happiness and a little truth in this often upside down world of ours. 

I not only wish all of you Good Fortune but I would also like to add one very important caveat to this wish.

You can literally make your own Luck.

My life here and the beautiful love I receive is a testament to this.

I know I live in a different world then what many of you are accustomed to. 

But this is only the case because like so many others..

I just decided to start walking towards it. 

Not only can you do the same..  But if there is a similar desire in your soul then you MUST do the same for yourself.  

I believe that this is a test that the Man upstairs gives all of us at some critical point in our lives. 

I know firsthand that this journey WILL be a successful one if you do it with an open heart and mind. 

This is not just warm and fuzzy fluff designed to make you feel good either.   

Its the real deal..

So on that note I’d like to share with you an important article that I hope all of you will take to heart.

Where I come from and the life I have now is living proof of its validity..


russian women katya-and-masha

Interesting. Very Very Interesting.

Imagine my astonishment to see an article about Russian Women in Forbes Magazine of all places.

I thoroughly enjoyed it but I felt that the author, Melik Kayan, had no choice but to protect his rear by writing it in a semi PC form.  

However inspite of his nebulous narrative.

I think his message and intent is QUITE obvious..  especially given that Forbes is primarily picked up by independent minded and successful Men.  

So sound off and let me know what you think the real meaning is behind his title… “The Natasha Syndrome”



The Natasha Syndrome

Melik Kayan, 11.24.08, 12:01 AM EST

A meditation on Russian women.

The current Bond film serves up the first authentically Russian Bond Girl for our delectation–the lustrous-limbed Olga Kurylenko. No doubt the producers felt that a Bond who looks and acts like Putin in so many ways–laconic, icy, not-quite-human votary of the martial cults–deserves at his side a genuine Russkie-ette, or should I say “Natasha.” That would be the more proper euphemism, especially as Ms. Kurylenko is Ukranski and not Russkie. (Please limit your outraged responses to three lines or less.)

Some 10 years ago, I was sent by a prominent American magazine to Moscow to explore the “Natasha Syndrome,” as it was then widely called. In the years after the Iron Curtain’s collapse, a nubile tide of female adventurers swept out of the former Soviet geosphere to seek their fortune in hard currency around the world by deploying their charms. Not Africa so much, but every other continent was inundated with them from Japan and China to Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Europe.

In Turkey, the natives called it the New Russian Revolution because it caused a social upheaval along Turkey’s Black Sea coast–a stony seat of unreconstructed male chauvinism and a mere boat-ride away from the Crimea. Suddenly, the men found it was raining blondes. A popular song on the subject blared from every taxi cassette player. “Oy Natasha, oy Natasha, oy oy oy” went the chorus. Local wives and daughters took to the streets in anger carrying placards saying “Natasha Go Home” and “Keep Your Legs Shut.”

It caused a palpable transformation in the steely, unyielding, temperament of the mustachioed menfolk of the area: They developed a new love of life, grew almost Californian in their mellowness. Rampant Russkiephilia had unmanned them en masse.


Why I love to watch ballroom dancing.

(Why I love to watch ballroom dancing)

Kristina Rihanoff from the Far East city of Vladivostok has become England’s latest celebrity as she competes in the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing contest.

Like many ladies who grew up in Post Soviet Russia she has a tough but inspiring story to tell.

So read the her story carefully.

Because Kristina is a classic “Good Russian Woman” and many of the things she talks about subtly illustrates this.

How I escaped a life of misery in Vladivostok and a father who wouldn’t speak to me to waltz with John Sergeant – by Strictly bombshell Kristina

By Antonia Hoyle – The Daily Mail

It was the most extraordinary scene witnessed on the Cobb at Lyme Regis since they filmed The French Lieutenant’s Woman there.

Portly and leaden-footed 64-year-old TV political correspondent John Sergeant was waltzing across the cobbles with a young, blonde Siberian sex symbol.

He had enticed long-suffering Kristina Rihanoff to go to the sedate Dorset resort with him so they could squeeze in some practice for the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing competition.

Sergeant had a long-standing engagement at the local theatre to perform his one-man show about his political experiences.

Now that chemistry forged at the seaside seems to be working, at least with the voting public, who continue to keep them in the Saturday night show against all expectations – particularly those of the judges.

Kristina’s hour-glass curves and glamorous Fifties hairstyle, coupled with Sergeant’s haplessly entertaining attempts at mastering ballroom dancing, have enthralled the nation.


In-case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately..

2 weeks ago I finally decided to make the big switch by dumping Windows Vista and installing Ubuntu.

For those of you non-technogeeks out there..

Ubuntu is simply the Linux Operating System bundled with a very usable GUI and open source applications.

Now since I’m the kind of guy who needs to understand everything (or at least believe that he does) I dove head first into this mysterious subject.

Needless to say it’s been a whole new world that has really blown my mind and delivered an experience beyond my wildest imagination as to what a PC can do.

Not only is Ubuntu incredibly BEAUTIFUL to look at but its also STABLE as a rock and PERFORMS like there’s no tomorrow.

Simply put.. My PC was transformed into a completely different machine.

Sure the hardware’s the same but its obvious that the software is what makes all the difference here.

So I think its safe to say that I’m never going back to dear old Vista..

As I continued with this fun technical adventure a certain deja vu struck as I remembered what it was like to finally put my foot down and learn the REAL TRUTH about Russian Women.

All the parallels were certainly there.

  • The initial anxiety of the unknown.
  • The steep learning curve.
  • The joy of discovering a hidden treasure.
  • And the deep reward of incorporating this discovery into my life.

I think the meta-physical scientist and writer Terence McKenna said it best.

“Culture is your Operating System.”

And whatever Operating System you’ve installed completely determines how you perceive and interact with the world.

So if you find yourself pondering about the meaning of life.

(and in particular about Real Women..)

Understand that for the most part the Western Women who surround you pretty much came pre-installed with “Vista”.

And these same ladies are strutting around thinking that their bloated and buggy GUI “shell” is the greatest thing out there.

But meanwhile in non-Vista land..

There seems to exist a whole different class of women who continue to run along just beautifully without crashing and having to reboot all the time..


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