In-case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately..

2 weeks ago I finally decided to make the big switch by dumping Windows Vista and installing Ubuntu.

For those of you non-technogeeks out there..

Ubuntu is simply the Linux Operating System bundled with a very usable GUI and open source applications.

Now since I’m the kind of guy who needs to understand everything (or at least believe that he does) I dove head first into this mysterious subject.

Needless to say it’s been a whole new world that has really blown my mind and delivered an experience beyond my wildest imagination as to what a PC can do.

Not only is Ubuntu incredibly BEAUTIFUL to look at but its also STABLE as a rock and PERFORMS like there’s no tomorrow.

Simply put.. My PC was transformed into a completely different machine.

Sure the hardware’s the same but its obvious that the software is what makes all the difference here.

So I think its safe to say that I’m never going back to dear old Vista..

As I continued with this fun technical adventure a certain deja vu struck as I remembered what it was like to finally put my foot down and learn the REAL TRUTH about Russian Women.

All the parallels were certainly there.

  • The initial anxiety of the unknown.
  • The steep learning curve.
  • The joy of discovering a hidden treasure.
  • And the deep reward of incorporating this discovery into my life.

I think the meta-physical scientist and writer Terence McKenna said it best.

“Culture is your Operating System.”

And whatever Operating System you’ve installed completely determines how you perceive and interact with the world.

So if you find yourself pondering about the meaning of life.

(and in particular about Real Women..)

Understand that for the most part the Western Women who surround you pretty much came pre-installed with “Vista”.

And these same ladies are strutting around thinking that their bloated and buggy GUI “shell” is the greatest thing out there.

But meanwhile in non-Vista land..

There seems to exist a whole different class of women who continue to run along just beautifully without crashing and having to reboot all the time..