There is a fierce Siberian blizzard raging outside my window right now.

Cars are crawling through the icy roads and a small army of backhoes are out in force trying to clear out the mountain of blinding snow that mother nature is dumping on us.

I feel like a member of the Rebel Alliance hiding out on the ice world of Hoth right now.

It is truly nasty and unforgiving out there.

So my thoughts naturally turn towards warmer days filled with sunshine and spectacular summer “vistas”.

One such “vista” along with her equally lovely sister are Christmas Eve babies who are celebrating their birthdays today.

So on top of wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas..

Please join me in extending a very special birthday wish to Miss Lena and Miss Luda.

(Believe it or not.. Due to their sense of modesty they actually didn’t want me to share these photos with you but I thought it would be a crime against humanity to keep their beauty a secret and to follow that request.  So in the greater interest of putting real holiday smile and cheer on to your faces I hope you will help me to convince them otherwise. ) 🙂