At some point in our lives some of us may experience a relationship that travels between the boundaries of reality and the surreal.

Its a place that bends the rules and expands our horizons.

But it can also be a place that breaks your heart. 

Many years ago such a place existed for me.  

And the “free soul” that I shared this place with was a one of kind lady named Christine.

If our lives can be compared to stars travelling through space.

Then Christine’s life was like a phantom comet that came calling on an unknown orbit. 

Tall, Athletic, and Dangerously Sexy. 

Christine was a work of beauty that the ancients could easily mistake for being a deity of worship. 

Her beach blond swiss braid hung like a vine of temptation in her Garden of Eden..

And with a piercing pair of cobalt eyes that could illuminate like a cat in the night..

She was part Athena the Hunter.

Part Aphrodite of Desire. 

And for better or worse.

ALL American.