russian women - lena k dressing up_r1

The weather has been a little strange here lately.

The last few days have been relatively cold for this time of year.. probably about 15C.  But we have had a few good days of hot weather and hopefully more of this will be arriving soon.

Because as you can see from these images of our sultry Miss Elena K there is probably nothing more incredible then seeing Russian Women like her dressing up for their sexy rites of summer.

Now I know many of you who haven’t been to this side of the world would have a hard time believing that a normal Russian Woman like Elena here would actually step outside wearing something so umm..   “form fitting” as this.

But believe me when you finally do get yourself over here and just go for a walk in any popular district or park you will get more then your fill of exotic feminine beauty to feast your eyes on.   We can certainly thank our lucky stars that Russian Women dressing up in this “highly seasonal” manner is an deeply in-grained part of their culture.

We were fortunate to catch Miss Elena K. in a ritualistic moment of self-preparation before she eagerly stepped out to feel the warmth of the Siberian Sun on her supple skin.

Lucky photons eh?

(BTW for those of you who liked Elena’s previous winter photos here and requested that she wear something a little less aligned with sub-zero temperatures.. your patience has finally been rewarded. :))

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russian women - lena k dressing up 2_r

russian women - lena k dressing up 3_r