Beautiful Russian Women and high heels..

Especially REALLY High Heels have always been a bit of a fascinating enigma for me.

Just what is it about this seemingly simple invention that guys like me adore so much?

I admit I’m in an eviable position because I get to watch ladies in this part of the world walking around in some of the sexiest footware in existence.

It really doesn’t matter if it’s a knee high boot lined with real fur strutting throught the Siberian ice in the winter..

Or a hot looking summer stilletto with laces tightly criss-crossing up a well toned ankle with a shoe lace knot that’s just tempting a man to untie them ever so slowly..  😉

Russian women so easily flaunting their natural and god given feminitiy like this is something that I’ll never take for granted.

And neither should you if you ever manage to make it over here to see for yourself.

Take a peak at the videos below to see more of what I mean.